Disco Bay Women's Golf looks back on season


The Discovery Bay Women's Golf Club enjoyed the past season, from first-time charity tournaments to near-centennial birthday celebrations.

Club spokeswoman Dee Sweeney said each season typically wraps up with a Captain's Cup low net eclectic competition, consisting of two 18-hole rounds. The final score is determined by taking the best score for each hole, from the two rounds played, minus the handicap.

Wanda Synnestvedt won on a card-off with a nine-hole net score of 34. Jane Guiltinan finished second with a 37.

The card-off saw the two players' scores compared first for the back-nine holes, which resulted in a tie, as did the following comparison of the front-nine holes, Sweeney said. Their scores were then compared for the nine hardest handicap holes, which finally determined the winner.

Starla Audette placed third with a low net score of 64.

Sweeney said this was a good year for the women's golf club.

"That is, except for maybe starting the season by surrendering the home-and-home Match Play Championship trophy to The Cedars at Dungeness Women's Golf Club," she said.

Among the successes Sweeney cited were Disco Bay's inauguration of a new set of forward tee boxes, the celebration of the 99th birthday of one of their players, its first No-Scotch couples tournament, and meeting its funding goal for the Friends of Chimacum Schools Scholarship Fund.

The silver tee boxes were a highlight, Sweeney said.

"Among our group, we call them the Pat Burns tee boxes," she said, referring to the 99-year-old golfer The Leader profiled in September for her birthday.

Sweeney said the silver tees shorten the 18-hole course by 1,270 yards, making it "more enjoyable" for high-handicap golfers to compete.

"It turns out that Pat Burns is not the only one who plays from these forward tees," Sweeney said. "Several of us have tried them and found that a very good short game is required in order to beat Pat!"

This year also marked Disco Bay's first charity tournament, for which Sweeney issued "a big thanks" to Will and Jane Peoples, who sponsored the event in August. It drew more than 20 couples and achieved the goal of raising $1,000 to support the club's scholarship fund, Sweeney said.

"It was so much fun, we voted to make it an annual event, dubbing it the 'Peoples Charity Tournament' in honor of Will and Jane," she said. "We hope to have more players and raise more money next year."

Some of the club's goals for 2019 include rebuilding interest in its nine-hole group that plays on Tuesdays, as well as increasing membership for its 18-hole club on Thursdays, Sweeney said.

"Next year, we also look forward to celebrating Pat Burns' 100th birthday," she said. "Rumor has it that plans are already underway for a cruise in Norway to honor Pat and her family's ancestry. Golf on a ship, anyone?"

In all seriousness, Sweeney doesn't expect to see most folks in Norway, but she did encourage more women to play golf with the club.

"We are a fun group of women who not only golf together but also enjoy getting together outside the course, including the 19th hole," she said.

For more information, call Discovery Bay Golf Course at 360-385-0704 or visit www.discoverybaygolfcourse.com/events/womens-club.


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