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Dcc, I'd like to address your first comment if I may. You make the following assertion, which is 100% correct, and it's worth reiterating as much of the rhetoric coming from the pro-Jaman camp, especially among her extended "allegiances", can be perceived as hostile. In particular, there is a certain dignity being denied trans people when advocates for Ms. Jaman refer to men "pretending to be" or "dressing up as" women. Indeed, some also continue to labor under the misconception that there is a link between trans people and predatory behavior, and do not take the appropriate care when expressing themselves. You note:

>> There are no statistics that show trans people being more likely to be predators than straight people.

Again, the data is pretty clear on this and I have no argument with the facts, but I also think this statement brushes over a perfectly legitimate concern about the state law in question, which provides a loophole for predatory *cis, heterosexual* men to access the private spaces of women. I believe we should be allowed to discuss this point in a civil manner, without raising claims of bigotry or phobia.

From: Situation could have ended with an apology | Letter to the editor

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