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smokecreek sorry if I am not as smart as you , I'm just a "zealot full of misinformation chatting with yuckity yucks at the campfire?" If we use your simpleton analogy, then every person who has ever died in known history died of heart failure, I mean since death is when your heart stops correct? LOL My observations are based on 300+ people I know PERSONALLY who have tested positive for Rona, but yet none of them have died? Maybe they are all superhumans? NOT A SINGLE DEATH????? come one! a good friend died in a car wreck, was marked a Rona death because of antibodies. How about the head-on collision at 60 miles per hour?? Also a few friends in Medical auditing and coding and compliance training and all of them are consistent in saying they have not audited medical records of deceased "with covid" that did not already have MAJOR co-morbidities that already put them in major risk Rona or not. FYi and some of them are VERY pro jab, some against it, but they agree on this 100%

From: Complaint over ‘proof of vax’ mandate accuses officials of treason

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