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Still alive here with lots to say. And you know my name. I don't know anyone rushing to get vaccinated again, either. I don't know of any Republicans attacking your Glorious Leader Fauci. I do know of individuals calling him out on several serious inconsistencies. He does that on his own with double speak and flip flopping, oh and lying.

You keep listening to an unelected Fauci. Keep living in fear. Keep missing out on the good moments with your family and friends because you treat them as if they are sick in the first place.

Proud. Not dead. Not sick. And I am making a point and surviving another day. I hope everyone does.

The dead might not talk Marge but they can still teach us lessons. What lessons those are, are up to you. You do realize you said in one comment to "get your vaccines and quit whining" yet in your other comment you say "Quit complaining about your freedoms being lost". I think you'll find a lot of truth in what your saying Marge but for the wrong reasons. Good luck.

From: Complaint over ‘proof of vax’ mandate accuses officials of treason

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