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Drawing parallels between mandates and states ******** is not a stretch. Roe allows, prior to viability (approximatly 22 weeks ) liberty of the mother outweighs the states interest. After viability Roe aknowledges the states interest in protecting pre-natal life outweights liberty of mother.

Its easy for the majority to regulate morality, but requiring people to think like us and give up their liberties, right or wrong, is harder. If the majority decides that having and flu vacination is required by law should we just give up and go along. Maybe the state decides that requiring a mastectomy when certain risk thresholds are present. Many people who monitor due process issues, the 5th and 14th amendments and constitutional questions in general are vacinated but still find the questions of balancing state rights vs individual liberties IMPORTANT !

From: Complaint over ‘proof of vax’ mandate accuses officials of treason

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