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I dig you somewhat there, Justin. You certainly stick to your guns. I have found you to be both frustrating and inspiring. Over it all, let's remember that the Leader is exemplifying a Free Press by providing us this opportunity of free and unedited speech. And yes, I'll rap on Trump here. He wants to destroy press freedom for his own pleasure and convenience.

There have been a lump or two in the gravy that is the paper's new online infrastructure, but they're working on these; and overall, it is a generally a more-comprehensive feature of the paper than in the past. Meanwhile, they still have an entire paper to get out each week—and a week is not all that long a time. There's more work down in the trenches than the average reader realizes.

Incidentally, I mentioned I''ve been associated with newspapers for 75 years. Actually, it's been 78 years since I was the town's only carrier boy for the Seattle Star at age 12. When it folded, I switched over to the Seattle Times.

From: A newspaper war. What side are you on?

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