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I can think of few issues more important than an independent local press. Look at companies such as Sinclair Media and what they have done to invade local markets. Sinclair Media currently airs original programming on 193 channels throughout the country, enough to reach 39 per cent of all American homes. Sinclair is a staunch supporter of Republican causes and generally a conservative mouthpiece; they were so bold as to promise favourable reporting on the 2016 Republican campaign [HYPERLINK OR CITE SOURCES]. They go so far as to mandate the content of editorials, some pre-packaged, and to pressure anchors to report the news in a particular way. This is not to condemn their politics, only their lack of balance and objectivity.

It appears that Sound Publishing and Black Press are in the process of doing the same thing to advance their private agenda, as mentioned in this article, of putting oil tankers in the Salish Sea and further endangering our delicate ecosystem. The question is not if there will be a spill, but when. It seems unlikely that the Black Press bias in favour of big corporations over the interests of citizens will end with this issue.

Regardless of your politics, be they Republican or Democrat, conservative or progressive, you need an independent press that will give you the unvarnished facts as they apply to your neighbourhood. Those voices are becoming increasingly rare. To quote Marshall McLuhan, "A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.” Please, let us keep independent media—this invaluable and increasingly scarce resource that has kept this county out of the dark for 130 years—alive.

From: A newspaper war. What side are you on?

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