Yes, you can and should do better.


After reading Dean Miller’s column in the May 8th Leader I thought, people who can’t do better, make excuses. Publishing a weekly local paper isn’t about selling ads. If no one is reading the paper the ads are of no use to the businesses. Using oversized type to fill in and blank pages with “your ad could be here” isn’t a good look for this historic newspaper. Since 1889 people have complained and the paper got better, once the publishers discovered that what readers want are stories about Jefferson County politics, not what’s happening in Washington, DC. They want someone who knows sports to write about their children and grandchildren, their neighbors’ kids and take lots of photos. When a local musician is playing somewhere in the county, a story about them, not a review of the latest top selling movie.

The Leader has been the head and heart of Jefferson County for a long time. This is where we go to find who had a baby, who’s celebrating that special anniversary and read about people from our community that have passed. It seems someone has missed that point.

Marge Samuelson
Port Townsend


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