Who are the Dummies?

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Did you find all your Easter eggs? They might not be that good after laying out in the yard for several days.

The last Port Ludlow Performing Artists performance was the very talented ventriloquist Lynn Trefzger. It was a return performance for her as she was also here a couple of years ago. She brought her assorted “dummy” friends and put on another hilarious show for the locals, including a few locals who acted as her “dummies.” She brought a few young folks, who shall rename nameless, to the stage to help. There were also several adult “dummies” like me.

Her first victim was Ron Dawson who was her foil for some lighthearted fun based on his career as a director of sales. She noted that Ron was actually talking to and responding to the dummy! She then went looking for somebody who had been married less than a year and she found David Saar and his wife Johanna, who had been married but six months. Before David came to the stage Johanna unfortunately confessed that her special name for David was “stupid face”. At the intermission I talked to David and asked if I could use his name in this column and he agreed. (Foolish, huh.) Unfortunately for me, now David knew who I was and when given the opportunity to select another “dummy” from the audience his finger pointed in my direction. When I arrived on stage the real dummy elicited from me the fact that I was retired. Lynn, through the dummy, unsurprisingly was able to make somewhat of a “potty joke” out of “IBM.” Do you know how strange it is to reflect on the fact that you had a conversation with a dummy? I then got the opportunity to select a woman to join me on stage. The infamous Nancy Bonderson reluctantly joined me with the words, “I am gonna’ get back at you.” After some barbs about her teaching career she then was asked to pick another man. She picked out a fellow in the front row whom I did not know. Lynn then proceeded to get all three of us to move our mouths as if we were dummies and generate unbridled laughter from the audience at our expense.

Last week I reported on the fledgling car show in Port Ludlow every Wednesday afternoon from 4 p.m. to later. Last week there was but one car down in the center of town adjacent to the recycling parking lot, this week there were five! OK, bring your Packards, Pontiacs and Pintos on down for an opportunity to tell and listen to both true and false stories about cars.

Ten days ago I went to the Chimacum Robotics Fair and witnessed amazing demonstrations of high tech skills by elementary school students. There were competitions between teams pitting their robotic creations against each other in the execution of specific activities such as knocking a ball off a post etc. The afternoon was capped off with fun music from the “Unexpected Brass Band.”

Reminder: the LMC wine and cheese party is this Friday afternoon and the annual meeting is Saturday at 2 p.m. Both events are at the Beach Club.

The story about Lynn Trefzger brings to light a quote from actress Teri Garr. ”Directors would tell me, ”We want you to play a character a little less complex than you are.” What they mean is, “You’re playing a dummy.”

Love a curmudgeon and have a great week!


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