We are One


What happens to the least of us affects the rest of us.

If empathy, compassion and a sense of social justice doesn’t get this message across, perhaps fear will? Without medical care for all, not only are the uninsured and underinsured vulnerable, so are the rest of us.

Without money in the bank (the average family has less than $400 in the bank), people will go to work. Without the types of jobs that make it possible to work from home, service people will serve us. Immigrant populations will be reluctant to present themselves for testing or treatment. Without certainty that those who serve us are virus-free, businesses will go under.

With schools closed, how can parents go to work without child care? With demonized and underfunded public services, it is the public that suffers. Progressive values are human values; Medicare for all, paid sick and family leave and fair pay.

We are One!

Linda Brewster
Port Townsend


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Justin Hale

Why would immigrant populations be reluctant to present themselves for testing or treatment?

Wednesday, March 25
Marge samuelson

If you have to ask that question, you just haven't been keeping up.

Thursday, March 26
Justin Hale

My wife is a nurse at a major hospital, they help and treat immigrant families all the time.

Friday, March 27