Volunteers receive President's Volunteer Service Award


Initiated in 2003, the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is a premier volunteer awards program, encouraging people to live a life of service through presidential gratitude and national recognition.

Senior Corps RSVP, a program of Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP), is a certifying agency for the PVSA.

RSVP and NOVC (North Olympic Volunteer Corps, which includes volunteers younger than age of 55) volunteers work in food banks, schools, senior meals, Ecumenical Christian Helping Hands Organization (ECHHO), Encore, Jefferson County Visitors Center, Project Mentor and Vet Connect.

"Even though these volunteers did not seek public recognition, their example delivers a powerful message about participating in the life of our community," said Dale Wilson, OlyCAP executive director, in a press release. "Thank you to all the volunteers who serve in nonprofits throughout Jefferson County. You make a difference every time you volunteer."

The following volunteers earned gold, silver and bronze PVSA achievement awards.


Recognized with the PVSA for Lifetime Achievement (4,000 hours) are:

Chester Prudhomme, who has been driving people to medical appointments for ECHHO for 10 years. Prudhomme’s good humor, generous spirit and diligence makes him a role model. He has logged more than 40,000 miles.

Shirley Moss, manager of the Port Townsend Food Bank, has logged more than 8,000 hours since becoming a volunteer at the food bank in 2011. "Energy and a smile" is everyone’s description of Moss.


Honored with the PVSA for Gold Achievement (500 or more hours/year) are:

Tri-Area Senior Nutrition: Harold Rennick. Rennick is the friendly guy who washes dishes at the Tri-Area Community Center; 1,300 hours of dishes washed so far this year.

Port Townsend Food Bank: David Gee. Gee is a longtime and very dependable volunteer.

Tri-Area Food Bank: Coni Johnson, Bob Johnson, Rita Beam, Alan E. Smith, Mary Tyler and Cathy Chapman. All are regulars of the weekly team.

Vet Connect: Rita Frangione, outreach coordinator. Frangione has been instrumental in bringing volunteers and service providers together to serve local veterans.

Center Valley Animal Rescue: Jean Holtz. Holtz is a longstanding, animal-loving volunteer who also has served as RSVP’s project mentor.

Quilcene Food Bank: Leslie Tippens and Tod Nickerson. The two NOVC volunteers have spent more than 1,000 hours doing everything that needs to be done every week.


PVSA for Silver Achievement (250-499 hours/year) go to:

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce: Ronald Brantner. Brantner is the friendly and knowledgeable man behind the desk at the Visitors Center in Port Townsend.

Brinnon Food Bank: Eloise Langenbach, Michael Langenbach, Doris Muir, Ernie Muir, Jacqueline Hartle and Wendy Ryan-Hogan. Each is a member of the team of drivers, packers and distributors of food for their community.

Port Townsend Food Bank: Leslie Sweeney, Kathryn Carrico, Pamela Browning, Louise Muller, Anna Haas, Neola Wyman-Smith, Maria Grazia Holtgrave, Douglas Hurlburt, Macy Mullarky, Nola Goodall, Julio Giovinco, Elaine Blanchard, Joseph Gondar, Ann Hueter, Robin Bailey, Kenneth Matheny, Yvonne Craig and Judith West. All are members of the Wednesday or Saturday family of volunteers.

Tri-Area Food Bank: Coni Johnson, Bob Johnson, Cathy Chapman, Alice White, Sara Lynn, Linda Monroe, Michael Sharko, Mary Fish and Robert Councill. These volunteers work together to provide food for families every week.

Quilcene Food Bank: Tina Williamson and Airlyn Bailey.


PVSA for Bronze Achievement (100-250 hours/year) have been bestowed to:

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce: Skip McInvale, Judy Bernthal, Sally Rodgers, Thomas Young, Frances Hempstead, Louia McCutchin, Barry Truscott, Bill Conklin, Cheron Dudley, Sandy Guinup, Karen Putterman and Sally Robbins.

Brinnon Food Bank: Angilena Synder, Richard Brown, Kate Sullivan, Patricia Crossley, George Butler, Peter Mueller, Kathi Mueller, Pat Gaul, Robert Shadbolt, John Owensby, Sunchin Weeks, Beverly Clark, Cathy Luce, Brett Bowcutt, Ben Snyder, Jennifer Loring (RSVP) and Christy Vliet.

Port Townsend Food Bank: Burt Langsea, John Wrobleski, Roger Beachy, Cheryl Wallace, Steve Herkal, Linda Heuertz, Roger Coble, Donald Baker, Dianne Kissinger, Juliette Sterner, Tenzing Wangchuk, Vida Kotte, Jean Herrington, Brigida Knauer, Kathi Volpe, Richard Harmon, Karen Arey, Mel Williams, Joel Rodgers, Richard Ackley, Duncan Watters, Nancy Krill, Helen Williams, Dennis Fellner, Roger Jackson, Neal Wheatley and Cliff Rick.

Quilcene Food Bank: Cheryl Burns, Janice Wilson, Ben Lane, Kaitlyn Winn and Kathleen Wallace.

Tri-Area Food Bank: Larry Tyler, Karen Loid, Dorothy Rath, Carol Elliot, Roger Horner, Margaret Carey, Robert Wenzler, Andrea Hodges, Leatha Smith, Gloria Atkins, Donna Valaske, Patricia Robinson, Frances Shelton, Richard Wittig, Norman Shelton, Marc Riolo and Brandon Denning.

Tri-Area Senior Nutrition: Hester McKinney-Cumming, Gary VanTrojen and Raymond Sayer.

Vet Connect: Jon Ferguson and Dan Collins.


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