Letter: U.S. should not intervene in Venezuela


For the sake of the Venezuelan people, the region and the principle of national sovereignty, the United States must stop efforts to overthrow the duly elected government of Venezuela and should instead support negotiations between the Venezuelan government and its opponents.

For years, the United States has exacerbated problems in Venezuela with devastating sanctions which severely limited Venezuela’s ability to sell oil and has resulted in food and medicine shortages and runaway inflation within the country.

The U.S. record of interventions in the Southern Hemisphere makes for grim reading and has  brought death and disaster in Honduras, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Haiti and Panama.

It is obvious that interfering in the affairs of governments has led to years of war and hundreds of thousands of deaths in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

The United States and its allies must cease encouraging violence by pushing for violent, extralegal regime change in Venezuela. The inevitable result of this reckless course in Venezuela will most likely be bloodshed, chaos and instability.  

Let us learn from our past and current disasters. Let Venezuelans determine the future of their country.

Port Hadlock


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Justin Hale

I agree, let's stop sending food and medicine to the columbian/ Venezuelian border, let's let them fight it out and then deal with the outcome.

Wednesday, February 13
Tom Camfield

Food and medicine is not exactly military intervention. I think alleviating the suffering of freedom fighters and those suffering the fall-out of civil unrest is always a good way to go. But I don't support overthrowing a regime with guns and blood-letting just because the county has oil resources.

Especially when we should be working to cut way back on the use of fossil fuels;

Monday, February 18
Justin Hale

Sarcasm alert Tom.

It's been pretty cold lately, but do you and I actually agree that Trump is doing the right thing regarding Venezuela? Tonnes of food and medicine airlifted to the Columbian border by whose order Tom? We'll see if Maduro allows that aid to get into the country Saturday.

Monday, February 18