Trump's big lies | Tom Camfield

Tom Camfield
Posted 6/21/23

While spouting off in all directions with lies of convenience from a limited vocabulary, ex-President Donald Trump appears determined to convince the nation’s voting public by election day 1964 …

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Trump's big lies | Tom Camfield


While spouting off in all directions with lies of convenience from a limited vocabulary, ex-President Donald Trump appears determined to convince the nation’s voting public by election day 1964 that he is the greatest victim in the history of the world. He’s truly an all-for-one kind of guy. What we need is a one-for-all leader of our country and example for the rest if the world — someone like Joe Biden.

MEANWHILE, MAYBE ‘GREAT AGAIN’ as pictured above refers to the 1829-1837 presidential term held by Andrew Jackson, whose portrait Trump reportedly had hanging in the Oval Office. Wikipedia, in its lengthy biography of Jackson, states in the opening paragraph: “Although often praised as an advocate for ordinary Americans and for his work in preserving the union of states, Jackson has also been criticized for his racial policies, particularly his treatment of Native Americans.” He owned hundreds of African American slaves during his lifetime and personal pursuit of wealth.

I certainly would apply the “great” description to the Obama rather than the George W. Bush (and Veep Dick Cheney) years. Bush left us with 9-11, a seemingly-endless war and a national financial crisis. Obama handled the recovery nicely and set the stage for Hillary Clinton. But the country fell for the big lies of a small mind. and we ended up with Trump (who had argued erroneously at length in earlier years that half-Irish Obama had been born in Africa).

Recently I watched a couple of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s run-for-president speeches over CNN. it was quite impressive—no screaming and yelling. no teleprompter, no notes. A few expected cuts of Ex-president Donald Trump. And “Slim” Trump, of course, never one to leave the last word unspoken, responded with a few fat jokes against Christie. (Trump uploaded a video edited to make it look like Christie was at a buffet.)

Christie has a little early-career baggage but stands out with intelligence among the many would-be GOP presidential nominees. Trump, following the initial Christie speech, wanted to know if Chris has a psychological problem with “SIZE,” having used the word “small” so many times. Christie, a one-time Trump ally turned sworn rival, announced his 2024 campaign using the word “small” over and over to describe the mental capabilities and activities of Donald — who took it all down a notch and made everything physical (as if his own over-long tie and unbuttoned suit coat are fooling anyone about his own size).

Meanwhile, let’s keep track of how many times Trump uses the term “witch hunt” during the months ahead.

On a separate tack, as he lies along conveniently saying nothing of consequence, Trump gives his version of the Presidential Records Act: "Under the Presidential Records Act, which is civil not criminal, I had every right to have these documents," he said.

The 1978 law, not even mentioned in the current indictment, states just the opposite, as it requires records created by presidents and vice presidents be turned over to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) at the end of their administrations.

"On the contrary, the former President had absolutely no right to have taken any presidential records with him to Mar A Lago," Jason R. Baron, former director of litigation at NARA, told ABC News in an email.

"Under the Presidential Records Act, the Archivist of the United States assumed legal custody of all Trump White House official records immediately upon President Biden's swearing in as President," Baron said. "Every piece of paper constituting an official document, whether it was classified or unclassified, should have been turned over to NARA. Moreover, when NARA staff asked for the return of the records improperly taken, the former President should have immediately given NARA every official document in his possession.”

Meanwhile, ex-President Donald appeared to have gone over the edge last weekend in painting himself as an innocent victim. Lashing out after his arraignment on federal charges, he took aim at President Joe Biden and Democrats with language that seemed to evoke another era. He was being persecuted, he said, by “Marxists” and “communists.”


As the world population continues to grow unchecked, and the food chain struggles in its death throes, most of us will be gradually lost in history. What few words survive of the likes of D. J. Trump will be a small part of humankind’s poor example of short-term, non-intelligent self-indulgence,

(Fond memories, meanwhile, of Republican Senator John McCain and Obamacare, 2017. And congratulations to Hunter Biden for your drug recovery and cooperation with authorities.)