Take advantage of wetlands to build your own gun range


It is now open season for building commercial gun ranges in Jefferson County.

Come one, come all. Bulldoze your own wetland, right by a publicly owned lake if you hurry! No permit required! Paramilitary training with helicopters? No problem! Destroy the peace and quiet of hundreds of rural families? If you’ve got enough money, no need to give a damn.

Get ahead of the stampede, the county commissioners won’t stand in your way; they are divided and fear lawsuits, according to newspaper reports.

So act fast. There are a limited number of peaceful lakes and valleys in the county, and they will soon all be gone.

The actions of our divided county commission have opened up 74 percent of the unincorporated forestland in Jefferson County to a gun-range rush that allows an unlimited number of large-scale, private, for-profit, paramilitary training centers.

Stand up to bullies. Contact Tarboo Ridge Coalition and help stop the for-profit devastation of our beautiful Jefferson County.



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