Support for Stinson

Posted 9/11/19

I strongly recommend a vote for Deborah Stinson’s re-election to City Council Position 3. I worked directly with Deborah (and with the City Manager) on projects over several years as City …

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Support for Stinson


I strongly recommend a vote for Deborah Stinson’s re-election to City Council Position 3. I worked directly with Deborah (and with the City Manager) on projects over several years as City Attorney (2000-2014, and subsequent interim periods).

Deborah always came prepared to meetings. She does her homework. She listens and works well with people. She researches issues and comes to reasoned, responsible decisions. These are qualities you want in a leader. They were evident when she worked with other elected leaders, for example, on key fire service issues. These leadership qualities, and the connections and background experience she brings as an elected Council member, are particularly important in the transition the City administration and the citizens of the City face with a new City Manager coming on board later this year. I am happy to endorse Deborah’s re-election.

John Watts
Port Townsend


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I wish Deborah Stinson and her friend here the best. I support the laws and codes that City Government is there to implement or change by lawful means that hold society together. Deborah Stinson has served 2 terms, at least one as Appointed Mayor. During those terms the volunteer parking enforcement program was deconstructed to nothing. The Planning Commission requested but was not allowed to review parking codes and more. The police via a volunteer place all the blame for non enforcement and no plan on Stinson and the No Term Limit Council. I would gladly place that comment here that reveals so much. Just ask.

For 5 years including this week, there has been regular photo and text documentation of the chaotic anarchy and cultural damage (me first screw you) Deborah Stinson as Appointed Mayor managed into place. She has never responded to my ongoing information and documentation showing ongoing damage. Never once. Minimal enforcement came and went when Stinson's failure was publicized. There is none now. Every

business, resident and employee in the Historic District knows they can park all day any day and block public access. Studies were not implemented and there is no Parking Plan. It is gross incompetence, not "Leadership."

"She does her homework. She listens and works well with people. She researches issues and comes to reasoned, responsible decisions. These are qualities you want in a leader" That is a great sound bite but easily shown not to be true. There is no leadership. No needed Parking Plan that provides solutions beyond ticketing. Cars parked illegally all day today and every day impacting visitor access are the proof. There are many legal ways to track illegally parked cars, chalk and camera. If Stinson claims that as a reason for no enforcement she has not done her homework. I invite once again Appointed Mayor and 2 term Council Member Stinson to explain her lack of leadership on this.

Stinson illustrates why term limits and an elected not appointed mayor are needed in Port Townsend. Voters please do your own research and vote out the silent picking and choosing of which laws and ordinances to enforce or ignore, in all Council positions. Stinson as Appointed Mayor places the current Police Chief and City Attorney in a difficult space. I am waiting this week to hear from the City Attorney regarding parking. One police officer called Port Townsend politics the "Self Licking Ice Cream Cone". Leadership and morale go hand in hand.

Harvey Windle Forest Gems Mill and Gallery since 1996 in PT

Myself and others are Collateral Damage

Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Dawn mohrbacher

Deborah can't be bothered with going to work in her office. She works from home. Answering the phone when a business owner calls her is a challenge . She takes small town mayor down a road of rediculous that we should be embarrassed to support in our town Unless we feel comfortable supporting this bs.

Thursday, September 12, 2019
David Thielk

The most important issue facing our local community, our region, our nation and the world is climate breakdown. Our grandchildren will be facing a world so different from today that it will hardly be recognizable. The political, economic, military, and environmental rates of change in the next 30 years, as a result of climate breakdown, will be unprecedented.

Anyone who is doing even a modest amount of reading on climate change would be aware of this.

My votes are only going to candidates who have demonstrated determined leadership in carbon reduction. This does not includes candidates that have talked about reducing carbon. Being on the Climate (In)Action Committee is not enough. Speaking eloquently and articulately on a range of topics is not enough, including climate, is not enough. Being a kind and compassionate individual is not enough. Words mean nothing. Actions, leadership and results are everything.

How much carbon reduction has our city council achieved through policy change, ordinances and action in the last 10 years? All I can see is that each year I have lived in town, the use of automobiles has increased. And the traffic on our streets, with its related carbon, has grown far more quickly than our population.

We need a change. We need the change today. I encourage everyone to ask the hard questions of all the candidates about climate change. Don't accept beliefs. Don't accept ideology. Don't accept abstract verbiage. Listen carefully, and go for the candidates who have clear policy statements and action plans around carbon reduction. Go for the candidate who has political will. Go for the candidate who will fight for local carbon reduction policies. Go for the candidate that shows courage.

Go for the candidate who has taken action, and will continue to take action, to reduce automobile use, who will ramp up local transit, who will actively engage in land use policy that increases land for local food production, who will take definitive steps towards a managed parking plan, and one who will lead the way in bringing in best practice bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Go for the candidate who offers clear incentives for residents to get out of their cars, and disincentives to continue to stay in their cars.

Our children and grandchildren depend on this vote. They depend on all of the votes in November from our city council all the way to Washington.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Big picture climate change. Small picture is what is the most representative form of City Government? Not a no term limit City Council with members up to 18 years serving special interests and the current Appointed Mayor Stinson they appointed from within without public input. There is a clear record of non responsiveness form this Council and especially the figure head Appointed Mayor Stinson who wants your vote to continue on as she has.'

Stinson abandoned the community and ignored laws meant to keep government serving all the people. Checks and balances of term limits and a fairly elected Mayor serve broader needs and ideas. All the rest takes time and public awareness. The first step is sending the message of enough good ol' boy and girl politics and voting out the current Patsy or front person (Mayor Patsy).. If the public doesn't pay attention corrupted thinking and actions creep in. Its kind of creepy right now.

Friday, September 13, 2019
David Thielk

@HarveyW Deborah Stinson has not been responsive with respect to reducing carbon. Nor has she demonstrated leadership on parking. Lots of talk? Perhaps. Action leading to change? None that I am aware of. I am currently supporting Monica. Monica's sign is in front of my house.

Regarding representative city government - David Timmons has led the city council down a path of granting mere token public input and then further routinizing and marginalize the token input by relying more and more on the advice of expensive consultants. The result is that no matter how well intentioned the individual members of city council are, they have presided over a process in which hired consultants have more influence on shaping of this community than residents. The vast majority of consultants produce cookie cutter reports that they use over and over again in many different communities, modifying them a little, and then billing for thousands to each community they sell their product too. One only needs to read the $51,000 consultant report on communication to realize that surely we were over using, and over spending on, consultants. I did read the text of that report, and I followed up with a request to know the cost of that report. $51,000 is more than a new teacher makes in a year. You will have to read the report yourself to understand my shock. From my perspective, this was a report that should address engaging the community. And it all it described was more modern ways to "get information out" to the public. It addressed one way communication. In essence, the report implied that the citizens of Port Townsend were sheep, and with the right kind of indoctrination (better websites), we would be come true believers and followers. I have no qualms with improving the city website. It was necessary. But that is just a tiny little element in communication and public engagement. $51,000!!!!

But the use of consultants for reports like the communication report fell within Timmon's comfort zones. Developing process to engage community was not. And rather than push Mr. Timmons to work on an area outside of his comfort zones, the council, under at least two mayors, allowed this process to continue, year after year, waiting for him to retire. This has gone on for such a long time, that use of consultants, and lack of authentic process for voters is firmly embedded in our culture. It will be hard to turn this around.

It is time for a change. For me, the litmus test is leadership on climate issues.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Much respect to you David for nailing specifics. I hope the voters are paying attention. Monica is great. We need several more like her and term limits to end the existing culture you describe. Suggested reading for all is The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson. Look. Think. Vote. And then keep paying attention. New blood old blood one and all. There has been 20 years of a kind of darkness, City Manager Style. Please think hard and vote. Stinson needs to go. 8 years of not listening is enough.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

It is Tuesday morning and it seems all with opinions willing to place them on record have spoken regarding support on lack of for Appointed Mayor and two term No Term Limit Council member Deborah Stinson, or Mayor Patsy. I had asked any and all City Council members to give thoughts in my last email to Council with photo documentation of ongoing parking chaos and damage. Although relaxing to some the sound of crickets give no answers. Perhaps the sound of crickets is the answer regarding the quality of the City Council and the voters who allow them their silence and incompetence.

The Timmons City Manager situation David Thielk details misses one point. The City Manager is the sole employee of the City Council. "they have presided over a process" indicates that the City Manager was controlling them and process, rather than the City Council directing the City Manager to use public input first and foremost to shape the town we all used to know. It was one of shed boys and the Landfall Café and Mayors and Chief of Police who showed their faces and greeted in person new businesses. It was one where Fort Worden was fully owned by all of the people of the State of Washington. And affordable. A past appointed Mayor formed a shadow city entity that wanted the whole fort but settled after the light shined on them for the campus. It became exclusive, not inclusive of all the people. The cart ran the horse. Old horses on Council were well served by that.

Take what I say with a grain of salt. I can be as wrong as anyone and not know it, as Stinson seems not to know her failure and incompetence. Parking is a symptom of an even greater problem. Always think and vote for yourself. The trajectory of Port Townsend is well established by hands you probably don't understand. Without your involvement you and I will just be Collateral Damage. Term limits on Council and a fairly elected mayor are needed. The City Manager form of government has its own history and trajectory now. Voters write the next chapter.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Tom Camfield

"The town we all used to know" does not include you, Harvey. You've been around here what? Since the the mid- or late 1990s? That would leave you out of the World War II days, the actual closure of Fort Worden as a military base around 1953, the event of the arts community along in the '60s, the "Hippie" scene and arrival of drugs along during the Vietnam War ( about the time my councilmates and I adopted the city's first zoning code). The town we all used to know" has had a variety of flavors along the way.

I and a few contemporaries, of course, are the only ones left who remember even further back; the town we used to know was the one of the Depression years of the 1930s. And with all the one-upmanship in the air today over one thing or another, I can look back and yearn for the local camaraderie of those truly small-town Depression years, when the most noise I heard at times was the song of the now-absent western meadowlark.

Friday, September 20, 2019
HarveyW-Collateral Damage

Tom- I will call you Tribalism, you can call me Collateral Damage.

Somewhere around 1968 Nights in White Satin was playing on your car radio, if you tuned it in. I give you a few lines from the song and then the poem that ended it "Late Lament" I think all of what we participate in is just a morality play, part of an illusion. The backdrop is the shifting sands of time. Decade after decade of changing back drop. "Core values" are the North Star. Bless your time, my time, and the times of others. None belong more than another. On and on and on it goes.

Some try to tell me

Thoughts they cannot defend

Just what you want to be

You will be in the end


Breathe deep the gathering gloom

Watch lights fade from every room

Bedsitter people look back and lament

Another day's useless energy is spent

Impassioned lovers wrestle as one;

Lonely man cries for love and has none

New mother picks up and suckles her son

Senior citizens wish they were young

Cold-hearted orb that rules the night

Removes the colours from our sight

Red is grey is yellow white

But we decide which is right

And which is an illusion

Saturday, September 21, 2019