Step up where government fails


For weeks now I’ve been wondering why institutions nationwide appear to have thrown up their hands at the continuing failure of the federal government to provide promised increases in testing for Covid-19 cases – data without which our ability to respond effectively to this crisis is massively compromised.

Why didn’t states, universities and respected scientific institutions simply step forward and say we’re going to test, whether or not the feds have authorized us to do so? Labs at Johns Hopkins, the California Health Department, UW, Mass General, the Mayo Clinic – all of these and dozens more – have capabilities essentially equal to the federal agencies that have thus far FAILED to do what they’ve said they’d do.

If I were a doctor with a sick patient and had a choice between no test or an unapproved test from Mayo, who thinks I’d choose the former option?

This would be the highest form of civil disobedience, and I’m sure that the vast majority of Americans would not only approve, but do so in the form of a standing ovation.

I don’t remember any other instance of government failure worse than this one. Americans deserve better – much, much better.

George Randels
Port Townsend


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