Show up with your pants up


Scott Wilson warns us that Sound Publishing’s motive is to “diminish or close” The Leader. Maybe, but they have a lot of help from The Leader itself. For the past three years the paper has repeatedly shot itself in the foot with embarrassing grammatical and factual mistakes, rampant staff turnover that has removed any of the paper’s institutional knowledge and several desperate editorials about the importance of local news that are thinly veiled appeals for ad dollars.

And it continues. The very issue that contains Scott’s manifesto calls the county commissioners “county supervisors” and attaches the wrong name to an (apparently) paid obituary. When declaring a newspaper war it might be a good idea to arrive at the battlefield with your pants pulled up.

Charles Bermant
Former PDN reporter and former Leader contributor
Port Townsend

(Editor’s note: Mr. Bermant submitted his letter in time for last week’s edition, but the Editor did not spy it in the website’s letterbox. We apologize for the delay.)


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Tom Camfield

The Leader hasn't shot itself in the foot. It's not limping; it continues to stride forward in the public's behalf. The only shooting going on is by those sniping from the sidelines, inspired by varying types of self-interest. I'm a supporter of the public interest myself.

Thursday, May 9