Letter to the Editor

Reverse process of approving outdoor shooting ranges


We are residents, voters and property owners of Port Townsend and Jefferson County. We appeal to you all to do whatever possible to reverse the process of approving an ordinance permitting outdoor shooting ranges in Jefferson County.

We are certain you are aware of the growing problem of militarization of our peninsula, and the growing alarm, anger and outrage of residents, not to mention the dismay of visitors and tourists.

Our peace and well-being have been severely impacted in many ways in the past several years, from the Growler jet installation, to their now-proposed expansion, to the naval blasting and bombing of our marine sanctuaries, to the invasion of our parks and lands by naval “practice” exercises using citizenry as “pretend” targets, etc.

We have had enough. Giving approval to outdoor shooting ranges in our county will give the go-ahead to yet more invasive operations, further destroying our peace and privacy, negatively impacting the precious environment, and will put a large percentage of Jefferson County residents over the edge.

Please, ask yourselves, in today’s climate of inadequate gun control laws, daily episodes of violent and mortal mass gun attacks on our people, should officials representing the people of Jefferson County enact a regulation that gives development permission to a for-profit shooting range — against the will of the people?

Alea Waters, RN, and A. Lang Russel

Port Townsend


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