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In response to Rachelle Merle’s letter of 4/29.

While I understand your devotion to your beliefs, one of the primary founding principles of America is religious freedom. So while you have the right to believe as you will, you do not have the right to impose your beliefs on anyone else.

We are a nation where the vast majority have voluntarily agreed to be governed by the laws passed by our duly elected representatives. To suggest violating those laws leads to chaos.

Pause and consider this: The Bible was written at a time when not one in a hundred could read or write, the Earth was believed to be flat, and the sun and the cosmos revolved around Earth. The various books of the Bible span approximately 800 years at a time when estimates place global population at 200 to 300 million. Since then billions of people have had over 2,000 years to research and seek the truth in all aspects of life.

Consequently, virtually every field of knowledge except Bible-based spiritually has expanded drastically. Of course eternal truths do not change, but our understanding of them changes constantly as our knowledge grows. The book you are using for spiritual guidance is more than 2,000 years out of date. If you want to know what the latest research shows, read “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton Ph.D. The news is all good as the new reality is even more loving, merciful and just than what the Bible espouses.

Rob Paul

Port townsend


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