Premeditated Murder

Posted 6/27/17

Genocide is the crime of killing many people who are all part of one group and trying to destroy that group (usually but not limited to ethnic or religious). Genocide is done usually by a group, such …

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Premeditated Murder


Genocide is the crime of killing many people who are all part of one group and trying to destroy that group (usually but not limited to ethnic or religious). Genocide is done usually by a group, such as a government. Usually, the motivation for genocide is based on political reasons. So let’s make our group the poor, the infirm and the elderly . . . quit beating around the bush and call the Republican health care plan what it is—an attempt at premeditated murder on a grand scale!

Protest that view all you want; but behind closed doors the Senate Republicans have conceived a plot  with malice aforethought that would result in the killing of millions of Americans—unnecessarily and prematurely. The malice comes in their decision to take away from certain classes of citizens life protections to which they, themselves, feel entitled because of their wealth and assumed superior standing in our society. 

These victims would not all die immediately—by bullets or blunt force. Most first would suffer through extended periods of pain and the terror to which they have been subjected. But they would die too soon. Many of them would be young children confused by the injustice of their circumstances. When it comes to defining murder, tell me the difference between putting people into this situation and ignoring their plight—and in feeding someone continued doses of a slow-acting poison. 

Our Republicans in Congress have come all of the way out of the closet politically and are flaunting their opinion that the upper class can’t afford to maintain the cost of keeping alive those who actually need the services our taxes are meant to accommodate—the “losers” so often referred to by Trump.  Those monies must go to protecting the materialistic and hedonistic life-styles of the well-to-do upper class. 

Defunding Medicaid while pouring military money into rat-holes such as Afghanistan seems to serve well the GOP game plan. And talk about a double whammy! While Donald Trump’s nobodies are suffering, he also has no interest in alleviating pain or preventing the spread of anything contagious to everyone’s family, friends and neighbors. His proposed budget would slash hugely into government support of the Center for Disease Control. As well as related sources of research and development not related to the military-industrial complex. Who, after all, in gated mansions should be worried about the Zika virus, childhood diseases, AIDS, birth control, etc.? Lesser entities such as Planned Parenthood would he hatcheted mainly out of the spiteful nature that is part of Republican philosophy, even though their cost is relatively insignificant. 

Sadly, one of the greatest unchecked epidemics sweeping our country now is a mental one—apathy, the epitome of a self-indulgent and instant-gratification culture. Only 17% of qualified voters in the 18- to 24-year-old age group cast their ballots in the 2016 election that put a lying, narcissistic pu**y-grabber into the Oval Office.

And oh, yes! Let’s not lose sight of the prime objective in the conservative agenda—the $700,000,000,000 in tax cuts for the wealthy tied into this dip-sh*t “health care” scheme. That is obviously out-and-out blood-money. How on earth does this relate even slightly to promoting the general welfare and securing the blessings of liberty as promised in the preamble to our constitution?

To be continued.



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