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Three years ago, here in Cleveland, Ohio, on the internet, I heard about a History lecture that was taking place in Port Townsend, Washington. And I said to myself, "Port Where"? I called the phone number for details and decided to go. I'm glad I went. The lecture was educational. A total of about fifteen men and women attended. During the days after the lecture, I was guided and toured around Port Townsend. Cozy's a good word to describe the town. At-ease is how I felt. Gee, what a nice place to be!!! I gladly spent my money in the good restaurants and shops. A very pleasant Port Townsend person took us around to those restaurants and shops. He'd make an excellent travel tour guide. If it weren't for my hearing about the lecture that was held at the Yesss Center, I wouldn't have heard about Port Townsend. The tour guide that walked us around Port Washington was also the manager of the Yesss Center where the lecture was held. He was a good guy. His name is Erik Olson (Arhata Osho). He talked about his Free Speech display boards but I didn't get to read his messages. During the years since my trip to PT, I've received Erik Olson's email essays on his philosophy of Life. His essays make me think that more people should write about life like he does. Recently I've been reading about the new size requirements of Port Townsend's Free Speech display areas. Please work out a kind and pleasant settlement with Erik Olson because there's one thing that he likes and that's Port Townsend. He's one of your proudest residents and your best tour guide. Please figure something out. Work something out. Thanks to Erik Olson, I'm now tuned-in to Port Townsend. Over-and-out!!! Concerned and tuned-in from Cleveland!!!!! Jon Smetana                  


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