Patch those holes


I am writing this letter to address an unacceptable situation. The access road to Fort Townsend State Park is in deplorable condition. The county maintains the first half mile from SR19. The state is responsible for the rest.

Take this from an ex-New Yorker: it is worse than the Cross Bronx Express (Distress) way.

Here is an inexpensive way to fix it. Get a truckload of fist-sized, angular trap rock and put it in the holes. Fill the little spaces with angular gravel. Fill it a bit past the road surface, then run the truck over it a few times. Finish it with cold patch and run that over. Done with a crew of, say, three, it can be finished in or less than three work days.

The pavement job on SR101 by Fat Smitty’s is a really fine job - and the road didn’t even need it.



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