Office visit required to get med refill


I have an appointment on Monday for a blood pressure medicine refill. The medicine I have used for 10 years suddenly wasn’t available anymore, so a new one was prescribed, and it is working well.

I contacted the office by both phone and email. I asked to have a refill, since we were on vacation in Tucson; when things became a little crazy, we came home early from our trip on the plane. Since we were in two airports on Monday, we have been self-distancing and basically staying home until the two to fourteen day period has passed.

When I contacted the office I was told I had to come in and have my blood pressure checked to get my refill; it was not an option to get a refill without doing so. I am so disappointed that Jefferson Healthcare does not care enough for their employees’ safety and for my effort to follow the guidelines from the president to keep social distancing from others until I am sure we are not contagious. Really scary that the office-visit dollars are more important than the people who work in the office and from the people forced to go into an office who could contain the virus!

Janet Lucas
Port Townsend


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Dear Janet,

Do not feel you are alone in thinking your experience with JeffersonHealthCare is off mark.

I have been dealing with weird behavior by JeffersonHealthCare since I moved to Port Townsend four years ago!

After reading your letter to the Leader I was so compelled to respond however, it came about that I spent a good part of the day crafting a detailed account (so there was no misunderstanding) of *only one* bizarre experience I endured; there has been several! The inexcusable behavior of staff has been dumbfounding (that includes harassment from "care team" insisting I come in for blood pressure tests which has resulted in raising mine)!

I have my story and like you, I don't know where to go with it, if there is a place! I have never encountered a system so lacking in professionalism, protocol and organization as that with JeffersonHealthCare. The defense I've employed has been to ignore them, keep my distance and do all I can to only visit for my annual.

I'm hoping your experience moving forward does not morph into what I have had with JHC,

Best Wishes,


Thursday, April 2