Letter: Not always love at first sight


I fell in love with my first and only husband back in high school, but he was going with another girl. After we both graduated, I went off to Bard College, and one summer before I was going to leave for graduate school in Berkeley, I saw him (David) at the beach. We spoke for a long time, and at that moment I knew he was the man I wanted to be with the rest of my life.

I was young, intense, romantic and full of dreams to work, adopt some children and live a life close to the ocean and devote my life to teaching and my family.

I still do not regret loving my husband. He was quiet, intense, passionate, funny, kind, and he loved basketball and poetry and the music of Rodrigo. We both took a chance, struggled, and when he left to pursue another life, so did I.

Yet that strong bond we had is still a part of my heart, body and soul. He died, but I see him in the eyes of my son.

Port Townsend


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