Northwest Maritime Center to purchase Swan Hotel in Port Townsend

Posted 9/10/21

The Northwest Maritime Center announced plans Thursday to buy the Swan Hotel by the end of the year.

Jake Beattie, executive director of the Northwest Maritime Center, said the center would …

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Northwest Maritime Center to purchase Swan Hotel in Port Townsend


The Northwest Maritime Center announced plans Thursday to buy the Swan Hotel by the end of the year.

Jake Beattie, executive director of the Northwest Maritime Center, said the center would continue operating the hotel as a revenue-generating venture in the near term to help fund their less-lucrative educational programs.

The hotel is on Monroe Street in Port Townsend, just across the street from the Northwest Maritime Center.

Beattie added that he could see the hotel being used in the future as lodging for out-of-area visitors seeking to participate in the center’s maritime-oriented educational programs.

The center also received the nod of approval to lease a property owned by the Port of Port Townsend next to the Swan Hotel.

The land, now used as a paid parking lot, will be used as the location for a community classroom for the maritime center.

Port officials have said the lot only brought in about $7,500 in revenue in 2019.

The 30-year lease will see the Northwest Maritime Center paying $1,509 per month for the 5,350-square-foot space.

Port officials estimate an $8,550 annual increase in revenue generated by the property with the new lease in place.


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Marge Samuelson

There's got to be more to this story than what the PTL has here. A non-profit so wealthy it can buy an expensive piece of property to support itself. Can we please have the rest of the story. What did they pay, will they still have to pay hotel/motel lodging tax? So many questions.

5 days ago
Joan Best

This is a very good idea. I also suggest that the NMC add a second story for studio apartments above the classroom building intended for the old Landfall Restaurant location. I have two rentals, a studio and a one-bedroom in town. I get at least 30 interested applicants each time I have an opening, including many maritime related applicants: students at the maritime center and the wooden boat school and, often, individuals who have special skills who find work at various marine trade centers, including jobs at the port that last for a few months.. The last one I rented to like this did specialty welding on a specific large boat in the yard that lasted four or five months. He circles back every few years when there is a job needing his special skills. There is a real continuing need for short term studio or one bedroom apartments for students and workers in the maritime trades.

5 days ago

In the original story regarding eliminating the parking lot I pointed out that because of no enforcement of parking at all, of course the paid lot is not used. Now there will be more use and people and even less parking. Too complex? Welcome to Port Townsend. We don't need no stinking laws and codes.

The "rest of the story" Marge, is seldom addressed.

5 days ago
Kay Ossian

Harvey, you are like a seagull with diarrhea all over these news stories.

You're not even capable of seeing the big picture of what you are asking for. When people come downtown to shop, especially in the summertime, if they are planning on having a meal first, it is extremely difficult to get that done in only two hours time. So if you were forcing people to constantly move, they are going to have their meal and then leave rather than do some leisurely shopping which would be in your benefit.

Furthermore, you want a bunch of parking officers out writing tickets all day; do you think that is going to create a spirit of goodwill and an atmosphere of contented window-shopping which leads to sales? Do you know WHY enforcement was dialed so far back? Do you not remember when the tagline in the state for this town was, "Come on vacation, leave on probation"? So now you are begging, demanding, harassing, threatening, because you want more policing again. That is not how do you draw more people to your business.

Whatever happened which made you think locals are sitting around scheming ways to take up parking spaces downtown, is a figment of your own demented imagination. Just stop, already.

5 days ago

Hey Kay-

Seems to be some organized push back against myself. In fact you miss the big picture. In fact you simplify.

Fact is many spaces visitors need are taken by folks living and working in the businesses that need access. Condos are sold with np parking consideration. Where else does that happen?

You simplify. You want free ice cream. No vegetables.

The very culture downtown has changed. To rude. What are the requirements for the new Maritime Center classroom, a new building to provide parking. You must see need for parking will increase. What of other development now and in the future.

This City has abandoned everyone to just sort things out. Some pigs line up at the trough and edge out others.

You simplify Kay.

Just seagull crap? This town is so full of cheerleaders no one pays attention to the game.

Even seagulls don't crap in their own nest. I could further explain about a government ignoring its own laws and just not dealing with things. As in Cherry Street as is parking. Cheer on.

4 days ago
Juana Bjurnen-Hale

How about just taking down, or putting hoods over the 2-hr parking signs? That's what they did in the People's Republic of Santa Monica when I was a kid. Rather than pull the dirty trick on visitors who don't know that there has been no parking enforcement in PT for YEARS NOW.

Visitors don't need to wolf down their food in the restaurants, or hurry through stores! But they don't know that. Just the local employees and residents know that you can park all day long in that 2-hour spot and nobody cares. Heck, you can buy a condo in the heart of town and never even have to talk with your Realtor about parking. I think that contributes to the WHY of enforcement being dialed back, Miss Kay.

I have seen estimates in this paper that over 200 "souls" live in the Historic District that presumably own cars, and that 250 employees and business owners drive in, park, and work here. That leaves scraps for the guests who have heeded the siren call of travel marketing and come here to "Stay and Play".

We should at least have the political will to cover up the signs so everybody knows what's what. The political will to establish employee and resident parking, and free up parking for visitors and visiting locals alike, is surely more than can be handled here. Other cities with functioning government and non-delusional populace have done so, here not so likely I guess. The comment from Kay here is Exhibit A of the dysfunction.

Millions of dollars have been spent to spread the word that this is a great place to visit, which it is. Now that the chickens are coming to roost in droves all summer, we can only offer employee cars camped out right in front of stores in the faux 2-hr spots while visitors circle endlessly around like sharks.

Here is how parking problems get fixed: People yelling at City Council meeting and writing letters. Then the issue gets on the radar and those who control these matters get motivated to create a solution that suits both visitors and residents fairly while encouraging commerce. Otherwise PT just stays that place it is now where parking is just a total joke in the high season.

By the way, selling what people are buying, and offering a meaningful, valuable, memorable, and high-quality experience is the way to get people to your business. Especially if they can reasonably and reliably park, especially if your demographic trends towards the elderly, which it certainly and wonderfully does here.

4 days ago
Kay Ossian

Actually, I'm a dude. But my name is cumbersome to most Americans so I just shorten it. On the other hand, I don't really mind being called "Miss". People often sing " dude looks like a lady when they walk by me". Mama Tried.

Anyway, I think it's a great idea to put black bags over the signs. Somebody get it done!

Another thing that should have a black bag to put over it, is this garbage comment board.

4 days ago
HarveyW-Colatteral Damage

Hey Kay Dude-

Just to clarify in this "seagull diarrhea garbage comment board" you swam into, for many years many of us have been collateral damage to the Appointed Mayor's agenda (has her own lot) I have promoted a 3 part parking solution.

Not Jackboot enforcement. It is called Fair Parking Facilitation. I know this will be too many words for some. Many. Most. It is hard to impact groupthink and tribalism practiced by so many shallow thinking cheerleaders in town.

First, education via Main Street, City and Chamber to residents and workers that parking spaces are needed for customers. They pay wages. And city taxes. Hard to do when the City enables and encourages breaking its own municipal code. Official word from the Appointed Mayor and Council. Brilliant.

Second. Volunteers during busy times to assist and provide info on longer term parking for visitors, including park and ride, who want to stay longer than a couple of hours. I would be glad to offer discounts for those showing a park and ride receipt. We could all work together on this. Unfortunately, things and ideas get twisted to "Jackboot" by some. Kay.

Third and last resort. Tickets and meaningful tiered fines for habitual offenders taking a limited recourse meant for all. This was actually suggested by a parking volunteer who quit in disgust years ago, speaking for the Police Chief and Sergeant. The same volunteers we used to have before things got so corrupted could both help to avoid tickets and enforce those who just don't give a damn. Like the 3 time Appointed Mayor. Credit where due.

As far as my other "seagull diarrhea" each comment has specific focus. However, if you are wanting to go feces, some are chimps in City Government and public. They will just throw feces at you when you tell them they are hogging bananas or wasting them.

As Anonymous Psychiatrist from the Timmons story said to Mr. King, you engage in transference, projection and bullying. I hold up the mirror. If the reflection is not liked, help change it.

And I don't remember when the tag line was "Come on vacation, leave on probation". 7 years of abandonment by the city treating visitors like fools is not good for business or the culture in this little petri dish. On each side of Adams now, more spaces are being taken away under John Mauro. Crap on that. Here's to Steven Tyler. Dude.

4 days ago
HarveyW-Collateral Damage

I do understand that the format here, and with concerns to City Council, is to ask one question, get no answer, and go away. Such as Marge's question here.

It is the same with my questions as to the Conversion of Adams and Washington and Adams and Water to no parking. A "parklet" and "police parking no police ever use". Do it slow say Johnny Mauro and no one will know.

The same with the question as to the conversion of the Port Parking lot, unused due to free illegal street parking, to a new building that will increase the need for parking. Who is looking at a SEPA permit here?

To proceed onward after the sound of crickets response is to be "mentally ill" and have a "demented imagination'. This is the real Jackboot mentality here in good ol' PT.

So, first to 20 year Council member and 3 time appointed Windermere Real Estate owner mayor, who benefits from the abandonment of any and all dealing with parking (condos and development), then to Deputy Mayor Faber, then to Kay (go Kay, doublethink hard) here is a simple question for simple folk.

If the party line is that enforcing 2 hour posted limits harms all visitors being able to leisurely eat, shop, and play, how are they to know not to follow posted limits any non corrupted City would enforce? What of accountant businesses, my business that sees many focused visitors, insurance businesses, attorneys, and so many others? That need turn over to have customer access?

Once again, simply, how are visitors to know of this hidden altruistic benefit? I would propose only insiders the Appointed Mayor serves, and is benefited by serving, know, and those with no sense of a larger picture than themselves who hog parking meant for all to share fairly. Deputy Mayor Faber, who will be the next Appointed Mayor, and Sandoval cannot answer.

And I am the problem for asking. Questioning. What happened to Question Authority? Or corruption. Or sheer ego based stupidity?

You time to shine and answer now Kay...... Have the answer for all the Kool Aid drinking, simple minded, shallow thinking, cheerleaders in Port Townsend. Which is actually tagged as Corruption Junction.

Ladies and gentlemen, the sound of Crickets. Stay focused, Kay, Faber, Sandoval. Answer. Chirp Chirp Chirp.

Yesterday at 12:57 PM