Noose is free speech, not hate

Posted 6/26/19

The article about the noose in a window (Leader, June 19) should not be getting so much attention. It’s free speech and nothing else. David Neiwert blames it on the radical right in the age of …

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Noose is free speech, not hate


The article about the noose in a window (Leader, June 19) should not be getting so much attention. It’s free speech and nothing else. David Neiwert blames it on the radical right in the age of Trump. Let’s look at the radical liberal left with BLM, Antifa, Black Panthers, anarchist, communist, and socialist organizations, some of which urge lawbreaking “direct action” including violence, arson, and intimidation.

Remember the videos and pictures of the highways being blocked so emergency vehicles could not get through which caused people to lose their lives trying to get to hospitals. Ambushing of  law enforcement officers, assaults on citizens by gangs of blacks. The fires and property damage. The gangs of thugs running the streets with hoodies and masked faces. He writes of the Civil War and the KKK which he forgets to mention was founded and operated by southern Democrats. They oppressed blacks back then and doing it today with welfare, affirmative action, etc. He mentions lynchings like blacks were the only people that were hanged. Hangings date back to early times and happened often in the early west. As for the history of slavery it started in Europe & Africa. African tribes murdered each other and took captives as slaves and even sold them to slave traders. Funny how the liberal left never mentions that. We used to hear that everything was Bush’s fault, now it’s Trump’s fault. The liberals are like teenagers in trouble and blame everyone else for their problems. Don’t worry about the noose in the window and do something like flying the American flag in your yard.

Gary H. Price
Port Ludlow


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Justin Hale

I grew up in Berkeley California during the age of Mario Savio and the Free Speech movement, I didn't agree with everything that was said at those rallies at Sather Gate, I didn't see the need for the gratuitous F-bombs and other vulgarity but figured that free speech meant that sometimes you're gonna hear things that make you uncomfortable, and I supported those Free Speech rallies and was proud that my generation of college student were not holding back in exercising their first amendment rights.

These days I see college students banning speakers like Milo Yianopolis because they don't like his speech, I see candidates like Bernie Sanders being shouted off the stage, I see a President being call a white supremicist/racist because he said that there were good people on both sides of the conflict in Charolettesville Va., I saw the video and it's true there were people on both sides throwing insults and punches, and there were people on both side demonstrating peacefully. Just the other day I heard Joe Biden being castigated because he wouldn't appologize for working with some politicians who had racist ideologies, newsflash....that's what politicians are supposed to do, work with other politicians to get things done.

We need to re-learn the meaning of free speech and practice a little live and let live.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Marge Samuelson

So this person in Quilcene, hanging a noose in his window is free speech, but "liberals" speaking out against it isn't free speech? There is a fine line between free speech and hate speech. Whether you want to accept it or not, A noose is the symbol by which we recognize threats against Negroes. The KKK is a whole different story, and not a pleasant one. And yes, it's o.k. to blame politicians who show no respect for our country. The Republicans are no saints, have you ever read a book about Reconstruction in the South? The Republicans brought the South back to where it was before the Civil War, just a different kind of bigotry. Suppose the person in Quilcene, hung a noose with your name on it? would that be o.k.

A bigot is a bigot, even one hiding behind Free Speech.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Dawn mohrbacher

This is a symbol of hate and threat. Nothing more. It's not free speech it's just hate.

Thursday, June 27, 2019
Tom Camfield

A noose has an especially strong significance to African-Americans, pretty much like the swastika flags at Charlottesville did to Jews. Neither represents "live and let live." Free Speech should not be considered a cop-out for the type of ugliness of soul that these symbols represent.

Friday, June 28, 2019
Justin Hale

That's pretty rich coming from a guy who has non-stopped bashed our duly elected President from day one, calling him every manner of evil and corruption, but what the hel that's free speech, right.

Saturday, June 29, 2019