No charges filed by Mueller


This report was released today, and the results are an overwhelming victory for American President Donald Trump. No collusion, no obstruction! After two years of wild speculation by the Democrats and the 35 million-dollar political witch hunt the president is completely exonerated and vindicated.



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Justin Hale

I hope that the Democrats continue their witch hunts all the way up to the 2020 elections, it's the best PR the RNC could wish for.

Wednesday, April 24
Tom Camfeld

Mueller did not say, "no collusion, no obstruction." He merely left the matter of further investigation and possible prosecution in the hands of those delegated to do so: Congress and the Justice Department. Ron and Justin are merely parroting Donald's personal spin on things.

Donald, meanwhile, lies and misrepresents all day long. HIs current video performance included him calling himself "the most transparent president ever." He who refuses to release his tax returns—and rages like a rabid dog in refusing to testify, honor subpoenas, etc. He is in no way a portrait of an honest or open and forthright individual. He also said that ''no one disobeys me." Which brings us to the matter of whether he trumps the Constitution and somehow has absolute power over the legislative and judicial branches of government.

Wednesday, April 24
Justin Hale

The Democrats bet on Crooked Hillary to be the President and they lost. The Democrats bet that the Mueller investigation would provide evidence to impeach President Trump and they lost. The Democrats want to root around in Trump's tax records in the hopes that they will find anything to fuel their obsession of impeaching him. Since the President is not obligated to produce his tax papers the Democrats will spend the next year ps'ing in the wind, and once again they will fail.

I encourage the Democrats to continue with their game plan.

"Which brings us to the matter of whether he trumps the Constitution and somehow has absolute power over the legislative and judicial branches of government.". .....Really? Have you forgotten the separation of powers imbedded in the Constitution? Was that a serious question?, or was that just the usual Trump-O-Phobic smear?.

1. Forgot the separation of powers.

2. Was it a serious question.

3. Was it just a Trump-O-Phobic smear.

I'm betting 3.

Wednesday, April 24
Valerie Hoff

Ron Gregory,

You ARE joking, right??

Thursday, April 25
Tom Camfield

The separation of powers is exactly what I was talking about, Justin. Congress is frustrating the hell out of Donald now that the House has gone Democratic. However, even so, both the House and the Republican Senate passed a bill that would have ended U.S. support of Saudi Arabia in its inhumane war against Yemen. He was forced to expose his character by vetoing that bill. We need more liberal power in Congress (including enough to over-ride a presidential veto), which could save the country even if Donald survives this term and lies his way into another one.

Meanwhile, Donald is doing his best to stack the judiciary with judges of his choosing. Even so, I suspect he'll be in for a surprise if he is forced to drag some big, decisive issue as far as the Supreme Court.

You sure do like that term "Trump-o-phobic." It ranks right in there with "fake news" and "witch hunt." Just another dismissive generality. Repeating such things over and over and over to engrave them into the public mind was a key feature of the historic "Big Lie" in 1930s Germany.

Thursday, April 25
Justin Hale

"You sure do like that term "Trump-o-phobic." It ranks right in there with "fake news" and "witch hunt." Just another dismissive generality."..... How else to describe one obsessed with finding fault with everything President Trump does, constantly demeans President Trump, Slanders and name calls President Trump. Trump-O-Phobia is a perfect description for the losers who never got over Crooked Hillary's loss to Trump.

Saturday, April 27
Mike Murray

Justin must have a great sense of irony to complain piously about those nasty people name calling President Trump. After all, our Deranged Donald is the same foul-mouthed clod who comes up with nasty nicknames for almost everyone he with whom he disagrees. He calls it "branding", as if he's still selling steaks or advertising casinos. Justin should also remember that it's only "slander" if it's false. As for Ron Gregory's outlandish claims, the Mueller report clearly states it does NOT exonerate Trump of obstruction. If Ron wants to consider as some sort of "vindication" the Justice Department's opinion that a sitting President can't be indicted, I guess he can take comfort in that.

Sunday, April 28
Justin Hale

Mike, I believe there is a wide gulf between giving someone a nickname and calling someone a racist, or sexist, or white supremacist. And as for Trump being foul-mouthed, so what, almost everyone I know has used the same language. I'm pretty sure that Trump is not alone among the Presidents in his use of swear words.

Tuesday, April 30