Nhatt Attack

Nhattaleah Nichols cartoon for week of Aug. 28, 2019

by Nhattaleah Nichols
Posted 8/28/19

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Nhatt Attack

Nhattaleah Nichols cartoon for week of Aug. 28, 2019



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Dawn mohrbacher

I cleaned up empty lip gloss containers and skin cream boxes (they empty them just in case I have security at the door...I have cameras but what will I see...dreadlocked slobs) WORST EVENT EVER. I lost a fortune to shoplifting I will close during this festival in the future Total Bs

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Paul Rice

Wow, Dawn.

You really think people paid $100 a day to attend a festival so they could steal from you? I'm sorry that you had a rough weekend, but I don't see how you could blame Thing. Also, your BS profiling of "dreadlocked slobs" is pretty sad and shows that you're sinking in to personal anger instead of relying on any kind of fact or fairness. What shop do you own, for the record?

Thursday, August 29, 2019
David Thielk

My letter to City Council:

My letter to City Council this evening:

There was a time when Port Townsend drew tourists on its own merits. It was destination, because of it's charm, natural beauty, and funkiness.

Now, we feel compelled to create mega events to draw people here. Port Townsend itself is not enough. Rather, we spend tens of thousands of dollars to create an event that we hope to generate 100s of thousands of dollars.

Thing got rave reviews. It was good event. But it was not about Port Townsend. It was about money. And ultimately, it will push us down a path in which there is no turning back. If we can justify Thing today, we will be able to justify anything tomorrow.

Since I live right near F and Cherry, my neighborhood got the bulk of the traffic issues. The shuttles were actually giant tour buses. I had diesel smell and traffic noise for two days straight. The carbon foot print of this artificial tourist construct must have been astronomical, since the only way for all of the 10,000 people to get here was by car.

I would imagine that most of you love Port Townsend and could not imagine living anywhere else. I, on the other hand, wish I could leave. I can't right now, but in a couple years, maybe. I can only scratch my head and wonder how is it that my values can be so vastly different from the rest of Port Townsend residents.

Well, there are a few of us who are grossly offended at the prostitution of Port Townsend. And there are a small number of us who simply can't believe how so many other residents don't seem to consider the carbon impact of continuing to promote these kinds of tourist events. And there are few of us who totally blown away by the inability of our municipal and county leadership to lift even a little finger to address carbon. But we are definitely in the minority.

Friday, August 30, 2019
Paul Rice

Hi David,

I'm sorry you're still upset about the show, and that you can't leave PT as quickly as you would like. Would setting up a GoFundMe campaign help with this?



Friday, August 30, 2019
David Thielk

Well, Paul, if you would like to debate the merits of bringing events like Thing to Port Townsend, let's do it. If you want to making it personal, I won't engage. I believe it was you on Next Door who made a statement at one time to the effect that maybe some time in the future we will all have electric cars, but for now, there is not much to do about carbon emissions.

Sadly, my children, and my future grandchildren will be paying the price. I don't know how well read you are on climate issues. But apparently, you don't seem to see any personal responsibility at this point in time.

Friday, August 30, 2019
David Thielk

One other thing, Paul. It is not lack of money that keeps me here. I have some community commitments, as well as family commitments that I want to fulfill.

Friday, August 30, 2019
Dawn Mohrbacher

Paul, I'm going to go gracefully like David did and not engage in a personal assault. I will say...I had over five hundred dollars in product stollen on Saturday. I had stores full of tattoos and messy hair and inappropriately clothed people not tending to their children. I asked (as I always do) what brings you to town? The Thing. I have friends with dreads and tats but the difference between them and the Thing crowd, is they know I am a small business owner and don't steal massive amounts of perfume and lip gloss. I am NOT the only merchant who experienced this. We in port townsend don't need to import thieves. The Thing cost me about five hundred dollars...what did it cost you?

Friday, August 30, 2019