Mobile Music - And Other Noise

Mann Overboard

Bill Mann
Posted 5/29/19

The Slow Food Movement arrives in PT? Well, kinda. There’s an eye-catching sign on the back of a Jefferson Healthcare van reading, “Sorry So Slow. Food on Board.” I suspect hospital …

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Mobile Music - And Other Noise

Mann Overboard


The Slow Food Movement arrives in PT? Well, kinda. There’s an eye-catching sign on the back of a Jefferson Healthcare van reading, “Sorry So Slow. Food on Board.” I suspect hospital chef Arran Stark posted that. Does the JHC birth center have a Baby on Board notice on a van? Just wondering.

- Then there’s rolling thunder. I watch the gang o’Harleys roll and roar into PT every Saturday morning. I’m guessing a Harlette asks, “Where can we go this weekend to make more noise than 50 Growlers?”

Another Harley pulled into the Safeway parking a recent weekday. And as if the hog weren’t loud enough, the clueless wonder astride it was blasting AC/DC. Now, those Aussie hard-rockers are a personal favorite. And when one fellow swimmer at the pool here the other day complained that their music was playing too loud on the P.A., I objected to her objection. (After all, it’s a long way to the top - of the water - if you wanna rock and roll!)

But back to Safeway. This leather-jacketed sonic boom on wheels was blasting one of the Aussie group’s weaker albums, “Fly On the Wall.” And yes, I actually told him so. Surprised an old guy knew his tunes, he turned it down. The music, that is, NOT the bike. (I loathe Harleys and am highly resistant to their alleged mystique).

- Car Talk: It was great hearing Ray Magliozzi, the surviving member of the Tappet Brothers, queried on NPR’s intermittently entertaining “Wait, Wait” the other day. Classic question he and late brother Tommy used to pose: “Do two guys who don’t know what they’re talking about know more or less than one guy who doesn’t  know what he’s talking about?” Truly a question for the ages.

- Driving Around: Could this be another sign (see first item) that PT is getting too trendy? There’s actually a kids’ lemonade stand at 21st and San Juan that says, “Le Citron.” French for lemon, n’est-ce pas? Now if it read, “Stand de Limonade,” this hopeless francophile would have been REALLY impressed.

- Still Driving: Sunday morning outside an evangelical church out on Hastings, I again spotted the cheerless trio I’d seen there before. Their picket sign read, “Woman Teaching Man Is Sin, Not a Church.” Gawd. Because of a female pastor?

This pathology/misogyny has been getting out of hand, as shown by the absurd abortion bills just passed in several feudal states.

Still, you have to credit the so-called pro-lifers for their mulish persistence in trying to kill Roe v. Wade. The New Yorker ran a piece not long ago about the Texas state legislature. It reported that one Texas state rep actually had this nameplate on his office door (brace yourself): “Sen. Larry Madsen, Former Fetus.”

I warned you.

- We’re still driving: A local realtor tipped me off to this. She says the current trendy, realtor-friendly color for house paint in PT is…(drum roll, please) dark gray.

It’s seemingly everywhere. Take a drive and see. Not forty shades, just the dark one.

- I heard on BBC radio the other day about a European recording studio that supposedly has the world’s longest sustained notes, about 90 seconds.

But I still remember 10 years ago attending a “concert” here atop Artillery Hill at Fort Worden. Underneath us, in a large, empty, old Army water-storage tank, a few musicians played notes that resonated and lasted at least that long.

I loved the name given to that resonating chamber: The Cistern Chapel.

- Finally, Washington has become the first state to legalize human composting, and reader Ed Sigall says, “It gives new meaning to kids feeding off their parents.”

(PT resident humorist and former newspaper music critic Bill Mann is driving around town listening - not too loudly - to his second-favorite musical act after The Beatles: Gilbert and Sullivan).


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Tom Camfield

Uh! There are people along us whose remains I would not want fertilizing the vegetables I eat.

Sunday, June 2