Posted 4/3/24

Don't cave to Jaman


In response to Julie Jaman's demand for compensation from the city as a result of her actions at the YMCA pool:

Ms. Jaman is NOT the victim here. If …

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Don't cave to Jaman


In response to Julie Jaman's demand for compensation from the city as a result of her actions at the YMCA pool:

Ms. Jaman is NOT the victim here. If anything, our town as a whole has suffered because of her unwillingness to let the incident go at the time it happened. Creating an atmosphere of hostility against the LGBTQ community, having to deal with far-right "militia" staging a protest where they had no business in the first place, attempting to garner sympathy on Fox news, the list goes on. If she had simply apologized to Clementine for the misunderstanding, all of this might have been avoided. I sincerely hope that the city does not cave to Ms. Jaman's demands.


David Conklin

Port Townsend



Support the school levy


I am so thankful for all the people (not just my parents) who valued me enough during my growing-up years to invest their valuable time and resources in me. That is why I am so passionate about seeing the Quilcene school levy be approved on April 23. This levy supports many after-school programs such as dance, drama and wilderness club.  In addition, art, preschool, garden, sports, career tech, food service, transportation, custodial and curriculum are also financially aided. 

I have raised and am raising many children who have been placed by the courts in my home. Some (perhaps most) of them have arrived rather wounded but that is not the end of the story. Through art, drama, musical training, sports, garden, and patient, kind teachers instructing them, I have seen the wounds begin to heal and the true potential of the children blossom.

I appreciate all of you who are working with all of our community’s children. I am especially thankful for those who are willing to give up a few of the other things you might think to buy to invest in all the kids who are here in Quilcene school.

Please vote yes for all our children. Thank you.    

Sandra Baker,




Where's the village?


I chose to raise my children here in Port Townsend because I found this community to be caring and safe -— which, for the most part is. However, I've noticed a lack of adult guidance while our youth are struggling with this current social climate. They are learning misinformation from social media and their peers and encouraged by these influencers to self-label — the more oppressed they are, the better their social reward. Many of the adults they trust in their life are just accepting these labels — some of which can lead to permanent physical harm — like gender transition. Quite often they give them praise for this too. Kids haven't changed — they still want to please their peers and the adults they trust. They still struggle to find their purpose. Adults used to be a guide through this stage of life. They used to question the misinformation and help the youth learn to think critically. This is what helped us grow into independent adults. It shouldn't be a parent alone that teaches these skills. It should be the village. Can the people of Port Townsend step up and be this village?


Celeste Peterson

Port Townsend


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