Posted 1/24/24

Tree Trimming


I understand the poplars along the boat yard are now scheduled for removal in the spring. It’s about time. I, for one, will be happy to see the invasive species …

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Tree Trimming


I understand the poplars along the boat yard are now scheduled for removal in the spring. It’s about time. I, for one, will be happy to see the invasive species removed. Adding space to the boat yard, one of the economic engines of PT, is a good thing. Let’s complete the upgrade with landscaping that only includes some of our beautiful native trees. If we are a tree city, let’s do it properly.


John Tyburski

Port Townsend


The water’s fine


I support a new pool being built at the Mountain View site. The pool will cost a lot in grants, philanthropy, and taxes, but that should be balanced against the health and social benefits it will generate over the many years it will be used by older people, families, and swim teams.

I served in the Navy and was stationed in many states. On bases there is often a pool and gymfor exercise, training, and recreation. Even small places like Marine Corps outposts on the Syrian border have a makeshift weight room. A maritime fighting force can’t keep its members fit if it doesn’t provide facilities. Every sailor learns how to survive in thewater and how to rescue a drowning person. Port Townsend, too, has lots of water and boats.

Kitsap County has two military pools (Bangor and Bremerton) and one civilian pool, and they’re well used. The Bangor pool has ten lanes that are 25 yards long and a separate diving area.

Active-duty members swim in the early morning and after 3:30 p.m.; retirees andfamilies use it between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. and again in the evening; swim teams reserve times and lanes; and several days a week the lane ropes are removed sochildren have a place to jump off big floaties into the water. Great fun.

Please build a good pool with 25-meter lap lanes and with enough lanes to support physical fitness, swim lessons, swim teams, and recreation. It will be used for many years and will be a fantastic investment in the health, social fabric, and future of Port Townsend and surrounding areas.


Michael Maddox

Port Townsend


Going beyond golf


On behalf of the Friends of Port Townsend Golf Park, I want to welcome everyone to a new era in golf in Port Townsend. An era that will include not only a nine-hole golf course for traditional golfing, but a much more community-oriented park that, over time, will offer disc and foot golf, putt-putt golf, a playground, trails, community events and access, along with improved environmental and habitat conditions. It was clear that if the golf course was to be saved, a new culture would need to be adopted, one opening the golf property to broader use by the community. In committing to this, the Friends negotiated a 22-year operations lease with the city.

This was not a likely outcome last summer. Through the competent work of a new nonprofit and talented, dedicated community members, we were able to develop a solid City partnership and negotiate a lease agreement that meets many of our community’s desires. Meeting the terms of this lease requires participation and support of the entire community by volunteering at the Golf Park and making significant donations, especially in start-up years. There are decades of deferred maintenance issues to tackle. We have committed to meeting several milestones in the first two years, including establishing disc and foot golf, adding trails, and holding multiple community events. Only by meeting these benchmarks can a truly broad-based park be developed and sustained.

The work to get to this point has been difficult, and going forward will be challenging for the first few years. But together, we know we can build a golf park that the entire community will cherish. Your support, volunteerism, and donations will bring this vision to fruition. We look forward to seeing you at the Port Townsend Golf Park!


Robert Wheeler

Port Townsend


School funding vote


Hello Quilcene. It’s sometimes difficult to get information out to our community. We don’t have a local paper, and people don’t always show up for information nights. Social media isn’t always the best place to get the facts.

There is a very important school levy coming up in February. Please take the time to make an informed decision by visiting the Quilcene School District website. Every few years this levy has to be renewed to keep schools running, as the state doesn’t fully fund our schools. The way we fund schools in this country isn’t adequate, but this is what we have to work with. It has to start at the Federal government and currently children are not a priority at that level.

We all pay taxes on things we may not use orare opposed to. Taking money away from schools doesn’t solve any problems, it just creates more. I urge you to support our schools. Give the children in this community what they deserve and need to become

contributing citizens.

February 13, 2024, is the election date for the Educational Programs and Operations Levy. Please vote, support our children, and keep this vital part of our community.


Anne Bessey