Letter: ‘You should be concerned’


If you drink city water or water from a well in the county, you should be concerned.  Pope resources clearcut more than 2000 acres in Jefferson County in 2018 and are scheduled to clearcut even more this year. What’s wrong with this? After clearcutting, herbicides containing Glyphosate and other toxic chemicals are routinely sprayed on the clearcuts to knock back vegetation that can compete with the desired crop of conifers.

In 2002 researchers with the USGS investigated 51 streams in nine Midwestern States. Taking  154 water samples, Glyphosate was found in 36 percent of the samples, however, AMPA, a degradation product of Glyphosate and considered even more toxic, was found in 69% of the samples.

Glyphosate and the other chemicals don’t just quickly evaporate, with rainfall they migrate downstream where they can enter city water supplies, well water, and eventually the Sound.  Sometimes “overspray” actually lands on lakes that supply city water.

Two courts have recently found that Glyphosate was responsible for the deadly cancer Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma contracted by two people who used Roundup which contains Glyphosate.  Some 9,000 additional suits against Bayer, who bought Monsanto (original makers of Roundup) are pending.

Glyphosate has been found to be present in every member of the European Parliament, and in the US in drinking water samples, in children’s urine, and mothers breast milk.

Non industry studies show a direct correlation between Glyphosate and birth defects, miscarriage, auto immune issues, Autism, Leukemia, Crohn’s, IBS and Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.

With 70 percent of our fresh produce now showing toxic pesticide and herbicide residues even after the produce is washed, we don’t need more poisons in our water.

The City of Port Townsend and the County Board of Commissioners should put a stop to the spraying of herbicides on our watersheds.

Gail Chatfield
Port Hadlock


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