Letter: ‘Wagging a Finger at You’


I work at Uptown Dental Clinic and spoke with a Leader employee Monday regarding the article on artists Sequoyah Rodriguez and David Bellecci’s show featured in this week’s paper.

Your employee telephoned on a fact finding mission regarding photos taken of the art installation, to be sure they were labeled correctly in print with the right artist’s name.

Given the titles of the paintings I informed the Leader employee that he only had photos of art done by one of the artists. I thought it unfair that the article would contain samples of one artist’s work and not the other. He was unapologetic in his response to me stating he was on a deadline, clearly the only thing that mattered to him. I reiterated the unfairness and he said if I could get the other artist to email photos of his work to him quickly he would see what he could do. I immediately called the other artist’s wife and she immediately called the Leader, photos of art were emailed (immediately!) and fingers were crossed. This was an opportunity to do something right and unfortunately (now that I’m sitting looking at my copy of this week’s issue I see) this person did not make the effort. Considering how close your office is to the clinic where the art is hung, it would have taken no time to leave ones desk, with a camera in hand and snap a photo. This person did not care, that was evident. If there had been only copy space for one photo I could understand there having to be a choice and only one photo would make it in the newspaper.

However, not only are there 3 photos, they are huge, using an entire page of the paper.

Wagging a finger at you.

Anna Frank
Port Townsend


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