Letter: Trump’s switcheroo lacks democracy

Posted 2/6/19

Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall” says it best: “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, / That wants it down.”

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Letter: Trump’s switcheroo lacks democracy


Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall” says it best: “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, / That wants it down.” Maybe it will take a poet to end this crisis (it’s not over) that President Donald Trump has contrived to his shame. But I doubt he reads poetry.

I think our Joey Pipia’s sleight of hand is incredible, but Trump is the master of the bait-and-switcheroo. He rallied his cadre of supporters, stating Mexico would pay for a mammoth solid wall. Now, he demands American taxpayers pay for it (note: the billionaire is not a taxpayer). Apparently, his signature campaign promise was not a priority when Republicans held both houses of Congress.

He doggedly still defies the facts and inflates the statistics that show crime, drugs and illegals will not be stopped by a physical wall. He continues to defy the will of the majority of Americans who don’t support building such a wall and have other more pressing priorities. (But when have Republicans listened to the will of the majority on other issues?)

Instead of following the normal democratic process of drafting legislation and negotiating its language in Congress, Trump held the government hostage and dictated his terms. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of government workers (millions of family members) were made to struggle for their day-to-day existence. His administration of millionaires were tone-deaf to the plights of average citizens. And the shutdown’s damages rippled through our nation.

After 35 days, we are back where we began, with what the Democrats originally offered. Trump has walled himself in with his incessant lies, his disregard for democracy, and lack of empathy for the citizens he was elected to lead.

His monumental vanity demands a monument to himself. How good is your world history?


Port Townsend


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Justin Hale

"the billionaire is not a taxpayer"

John you might want to check your facts, I know that the Trump haters seem to be averse to facts. The POTUS has federal taxes withheld the same as everyone else. Beyond that,"President Donald Trump donated his second-quarter salary for 2018 to the Small Business Administration, reaffirming his promise to forgo a presidential paycheck. Administrator Linda McMahon accepted the check for $100,000 at a White House press briefing Oct. 3, 2018.",, "Trump's yearly salary is $400,000. Article II of the Constitution requires the president to be paid, so Trump modified his promise to accept just $1 per year."(https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises/trumpometer/promise/1341/take-no-salary/)

"He doggedly still defies the facts and inflates the statistics that show crime, drugs and illegals will not be stopped by a physical wall." Those who actually work at the border say different. Maybe you haven't heard but President Trumps request for funds include a multi-faceted approach to border security, more personnel, the latest technologies, drones, holding facilities. You say that the majority of Americans do not support a wall/barrier/fence, was there a poll taken, or is that just your biased opinion.

"Instead of following the normal democratic process of drafting legislation and negotiating its language in Congress, Trump held the government hostage and dictated his terms." The POTUS sends a proposed budget to the Congress, it's the Congress that negotiates/debates the budget and creates a budget to be voted on. Trump sent a budget to Congress, it was the Congress that didn't do their job and caused the shut-down.

Wednesday, February 6
John Delaney

Yes, Justin, there have been many polls. And the latest again shows the majority of Americans opposed to the wall:


Democrats love facts and, in fact, science. believe it or not. And again, the statistics show there is no crisis at the southern border. See the charts:


and https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2018/06/25/there-is-no-crisis-at-the-border-and-dhs-stats-prove-it/

and others ad infinitum,


Democrats are also interested in all the "multi-faceted" approaches you mention,and have been emphasizing them in their proposals.

But Trump has not "proposed" a budget; he has demanded funding for his wall budget. He did it again last night. There's a difference between proposing a wall and demanding it, Justin. And shutting the government down when he doesn't get his way is extortion.

As to Trump-the-taxpayer: it's wonderful he's donating his presidential salary and that makes for great photo-ops and publicity. But he refuses to reveal his tax forms, unlike predecessors, and the last year he is known to have paid taxes is 2005. What he is known for as a businessman is his bragging about not paying them:


But the main point in that paragraph was Trump's promise that WE would not have to pay for "his wall". Not he's demanding that we do.

No wonder the American people feel betrayed by lies once again.

Wednesday, February 6
Justin Hale

@ J.D.

The biased Wa-Po, NYT, CNN subscribers hardly reflect the opinion of the nation, I was never asked, in fact, no one I know was asked, were you?. How about a national poll, sort of like the one that elected a pro-border enforcement candidate. Are you of the opinion that we don't need a strong border/immigration policy? Are you OK with the Millions of illegals in this country?

The President cannot demand funding of his proposed budget. Maybe you need to learn how the federal budget process works.Here [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuing_resolution].

"But Trump has not "proposed" a budget; he has demanded funding for his wall budget.".....Really? Then what is this


As for border security funding, I suggest you look up the budget history and see who was for it,,,before they were against it.

Wednesday, February 6
John Delaney

That was a Pew Research Center poll, Justin, that was reported. After so many showing the same thing, it's enough for me. Maybe not you.

As far as I know, this is what the Democrats have offered for border security:

• More than $1.3 billion for new fencing in the Rio Grande Valley and funding to replace secondary fencing in San Diego and other existing pedestrian fencing.

• $366.5 million for border security technology.

• $7.7 million to hire 328 additional U.S. Customs and Border Protection customs officers.

• $224.6 million for "non-intrusive Inspection equipment" at ports of entry.

• $7.08 billion for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. With that, can't we move on to solve other problems?

Democrats are not for, and have never been for, open borders as Trump continues to slur them. We are all concerned about illegals in the country. But are they taking your job away, killing your neighbors? Is that the crisis of your life? The fact is we are essentially in "full employment" mode now--economists say 3% unemployment is essentially full employment because many don't want to work, stay/work at home, or are not looking for work. Again, illegals are less likely to kill anyone than native-born citizens. We see that daily across the country.

The homeless, senseless gun deaths, education and healthcare, infrastructure, climate change. . . . there are so many more important issues that impact American lives that the government should be spending time on.

You're right, though, the President can't demand $5.7 billion for his wall: he's finding that out the hard way. He'll have to accept less.

Thursday, February 7
Justin Hale


If that was what the Democrats had to offer why didn't they put it forward for a vote? Why did they do nothing for 30+ days and then put forward a Continuing Resolution which the President signed. If the dems put that package together and the Congress approves it then Trump should sign it, shame on him if he doesn't.

If a person is in this country illegally and working he/she is taking a job that would otherwise be filled by a citizen or a legal immigrant. If a illegal is in this country and not working then they are on some kind of government assistance, or they are involved in some sort of criminal activity. Last I read there are something like 13 Million illegals in this country, you don't see that as a problem?

My x-wife was attacked and nearly raped by an illegal, she screamed bloody murder and roused the neighbors who scared off the man. The police knew about this young man, and eventually caught him. Do a Google search "victims of illegals" or "people killed by illegals" Look up the history of the guy who started MS-13, an illegal from El Salvador who was deported multiple times. And that bit about " illegals are less likely to kill anyone than native-born citizens." doesn't mean a thing to me, so what, is that supposed to be a pro-illegal argument?

I totally agree that there are a lot of issues we need to work on, border security is just one.

Thursday, February 7
John Delaney

Well, Justin, I began this began as a debate about Trump's wall--and the many reasons/facts why it is not a sensible idea--and it has widened to other things that we probably agree on.

I'm very sorry, of course, to hear about your ex-wife's ordeal. (And the recent death in this town of a homeless woman who died of hypothermia.) Certainly, our society needs to address the causes of these sorts of tragedies. More "illegals" apparently come in by air and overstay their visas than those who enter illegally through our southern border. So I assume some sort of visa monitoring needs to be improved to handle this growing problem. This article (yes, by NYT) gives numbers/facts/charts that show the extent of issues surrounding the undocumented millions in the U.S.:


So many approaches are needed. We all look forward to them in some sort of grand immigration bill.

There have been two major obstacles to moving forward till now on southern border security: the government shutdown Trump forced because he didn't get $5.7 billion for his wall and Mitch McConnell, who would not allow the Senate to consider any bill without that in it. You can't negotiate with a gun to your head or if your proposals fall on deaf ears.

Now we finally have a bi-partisan committee negotiating border security. Pelosi says she'll accept whatever the committee comes up with. Will Trump?

I think this is about all I am motivated to say in defense of my letter. Cheers.

Thursday, February 7
Tom Camfield

I recall well the inhuman Berlin Wall, eventually torn down. It had similarities to Trump's envisioned monument to himself. Refugees from East Berlin were prevented from moving freely to West Berlin to improve there way of life away from communist rule. Families were separated , , ,

And Justin, you said above: " Trump haters seem to be averse to facts." How in the world can you look at an image of Duplicitous Donald and accuse those pointing out his glaring flaws of lying?

Friday, February 8
Tom Camfield

Please ignore the grammatical typo above; I failed to proof-read.

Saturday, February 9