Letter: Trump administration, policies are ‘populist’


A letter in the Jan. 30 edition of The Leader that accused President Trump and Republicans of being fascist was totally off-base.

The marriage of corporations and government that was pointed out as a key element of fascism was present in the “crony” capitalism of the Obama administration. We saw this in the green energy grants and subsidies as well as getting in bed with the healthcare insurers to define Obamacare.

Also, Obama and Democrats used the Dodd-Frank law to help the big financial corporations by creating a government safety net known as “Too Big to Fail.” It is the Democrats who are colluding with the financial elite, not Trump. This type of government-private partnership is not being promoted by the Trump administration.  

Another element of fascism is to use the police power of the state to control people. We saw this during the Obama administration as reporters were harassed and spied upon, the IRS used to thwart the efforts of conservative and religious groups and spying on members of the opposing party’s election campaign.

Trump’s policies have improved the lives of most all citizens. The unemployment rates are the lowest in decades for all categories of workers. Wages are increasing for all workers, with some of the least skilled gaining the most.  

Trump’s veterans’ policies have greatly improved the delivery of their health care. He is working to secure the U.S. borders to better protect all our citizens. He really cares about the people of our country. That is why he is called a “populist.”

President Trump is following through on all his promises, unlike most other politicians.

It is absolutely ludicrous to call President Trump or Republicans fascist.


Port Townsend


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Tom Camfield

I always viewed Obama's attention to green energy to be more of a saving the health of the planet sort of thing. And his health care initiative as providing for the current well being of the populace—including the most needy and suffering. Obama was more compassionate and empathetic; Donald is more greedy and vain.

I don't recall "during the Obama administration. . . reporters were harassed and spied upon, the IRS used to thwart the efforts of conservative and religious groups and spying on members of the opposing party’s election campaign." My mind turns instead to Trump not only defaming individual reporters who put him on the spot but also daily accusing the entire Free Press of presenting the public with "fake news" (which he never pauses to specifically identify). And Donald makes no bones about pandering conservative media such as Fox News and the religious right.' By a cruel quirk of fate abetted by an inattentive public, the true "enemy the people" wound up in the Oval Office, drunk on power.

As for the IRS, let's get back to Donald's promise a couple of years ago to please his tax records, which he's never had any intention of doing. It was just another convenient lie. God only knows what he's hiding there.

Trump's policies have NOT improved the lives of most citizens. HIs white supremacist leanings are in fact eroding the character of our compassionate democratic society. He also is freely ballooning the federal debt to fuel a short=term economic bounce. He comes close to actually inciting violence in general—and he actually did that at one of his pep rallies.

Of course all Republicans are not fascists. But Donald's propaganda campaign against Hispanic immigrants certainly reminds me a lot of Hitler's demonizing Jews during his sieg-hell pep rallies. I recall at least one of those rallies being shown during the news-reel always included with movies at the local Rose Theatre back around 1940.

I think the 2020 election will show that the American public can be deluded only so far before rising to defend itself and reclaim its soul.

Friday, February 22