Letter to the Editor: ‘You can do better’


It's an understatement to say that I was disappointed in The Leader’s political cartoon from March 6.

For anyone who missed it, picture two people standing outside a county office listening to employees badmouth their customers. The commentary states, "Unfortunately the code of conduct is for visitors to the public buildings, not in them."

Jefferson County recently passed a code of conduct ordinance that everyone visiting public buildings must follow.

Having been harassed by a member of the public at a former job, it heartens me when policies are written to keep people safe at work. To show such a flippant attitude toward these policies is disrespectful to employees of any organization.

In addition, the cartoon was poorly edited. The text was missing words, which made it hard to follow. I thought The Leader had safely moved past the days of frequent typos in their copy.

Political cartoons play an important role in news. They are biting, topical, and they speak truth to power. Maybe I missed the local conversation about how all county employees are rude. But ultimately I think publishing this cartoon was simply a poor choice.

You can do better.

Libby Masaracchia
Port Townsend


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