Letter: Spring thoughts


This reader just realized that the most interesting part of this presidency was the Mueller investigation. Now that it’s complete, the days seem longer.

Is it just another climate change adjustment that the summer flower and vegetable starts arrived at retailers a full two weeks earlier this year? The date on which the gathering flock of Black Brandt geese at Point Hudson spit leave for their northerly migration will tell.

For that incredibly long line of traffic that leads us into PT every morning, there is some bad news. If any of the rigs in front of yours intends to turn left into Arrow Lumber, or the curiously sited winery  - bring something to read. Without signage and punitive enforcement (‘no left turn’), those incoherent traffic mitigations will introduce a whole new challenge for the Chamber of Commerce: nurturing the ‘myth’ that coming across the bridge to PT is relaxing. As for getting back onto the highway from those stops, ya sure.

Art James
Port Ludlow


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Tom Camfield

Actually, the Mueller investigation is not "over." It's just being sat upon by the Trump legion. And actually what this country needs right now is a good "left turn."

Friday, March 29