Letter: Private Beckett Point not suited for ‘brief jaunt’


In regard to a reporter’s recent article and photos of Beckett Point, it was misleading to promote this area for public visits and “Golden Moments,” ignoring the prominent and numerous signs that say “no parking” and “no public beach access.”

Beckett Point is not well worth a brief jaunt as the story suggests because it is private land in its entirety. Venturing off the road for a brief jaunt would qualify as trespassing.  There is no public access to the beach, and no public parking anywhere in the vicinity.

Instead, a photo of a private parking space was captioned as reserved “perhaps for a passerby seeking a moment of peace?” To the contrary, this parking space is not waiting for you to seek peace; residents pay HOA fees/taxes to retain this property in its current state. If you should park your car, you could find it towed, which would not make for much of a “Golden Afternoon.”

There is also a safety concern at Beckett Point. Road access is tight, and safety would become an issue with a public cavalcade of scenery-viewing motorists in motion. The single, one-way road that provides access to residents does not provide room for safe vehicle passing or vehicle turnaround. If your vehicle should leave the road, you would be trespassing on someone’s property and/or crushing vegetation or pedestrians. Vehicle turnaround would necessitate maneuvering in someone’s driveway or on top of the vegetation.

In addition, houses block the ocean view from the road, and “looky-loos” would simply stare into the windows of individual homes, disturbing residents’ privacy.

We all enjoy the scenery of Discovery Bay, but instead of Beckett Point, please consider a jaunt to the many beautiful areas that provide vistas, safe driving, public parking and public beach access.  

Nancy Sandburg

Port Townsend


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