Letter: Ode to Spring


This letter is to share the joys of living here for over 28 years and seeing so many wonderful changes in our streets,our buildings but most of all the way we are becoming more aware of our ability to create positive connections between one another.

In spite of the constant hate rhetoric many of us reach out to each other with kindness and empathy, sharing our ideas and work to overcome prejudice. It’s a continual challenge to keep an open mind and heart like knowing that after a long cold dark spell the light will return.

I’ve felt overcome sometimes with anxiety but then I listen to someone’s story and hear a piece of music by Beethoven and realize how we must go on and keep raising our voices against injustice,one step at a time,one day at a time.With laughter,smiles,letters,food,plants each of us finds a way to make out community stronger and brighter and full of new possibilities.

When Spring comes on March 20th I will be looking up into the sky and stars and my own heart!

Nan Toby Tyrrell
Port Townsend


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Tom Camfield

Well put in a few words, Nan. I've lived here 90 years myself—and despite my curmudgeonly grumbling now and then, I agree with what you say. I've seen a lot of change in my time, since the original compassionate Port Townsend roots of my youth. One of the nicest, most helpful local people I've encountered recently was a young guy of Mexican ethnicity, emblematic of my hopes for our society's future.

So turning specifically to your observation: " we must go on and keep raising our voices against injustice, one step at a time, one day at a time," I think Port Townsend is ahead of the game where a true social conscience is concerned. I will continue to bless and thank our town/county while taking issue with the can of worms that is the Trump administration

Wednesday, March 20