LETTER: Navy is a foreign power


In the Seattle Times article reprinted by the Leader, one reason the Navy gives for its alarming increase of control over Hood Canal is the possibility of foreigners passing through, this perhaps tied to foreign investment in Brinnon.

We ourselves have met foreigners in Port Townsend, in plain sight of the ammo-loading operations on Indian Island. Perhaps the Navy should halt all development in Port Townsend.

And get everyone out of Kala Point – every house there with a view (of the Navy pier) has a good pair of binoculars.

Should PT lease the seafloor of the bay before the Navy snaps it up at a bargain price and kicks all those pesky crabbers and their pots out of there?

Joking aside, we feel that the place we live is under invasion by a foreign power – the U.S. Navy.

Our skies pierced by low-flying warplanes, our forests to be compromised by electronic warfare games, the "taking" of marine mammals up and down the Pacific coast with sonar and underwater explosives tests – dolphins, blue, fin, beaked and the endangered western gray whales killed or with hearing destroyed or beaching themselves. Are we at war with all other life?

We do not fault the ordinary Navy workers, but the decision makers are out of control. How can we stop this?


Port Townsend


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