Letter: Miller’s awful decision


In regards to the editorial published Wednesday April 3, 2019 entitled ‘Move fast and break (other people’s) things.’

I believe Leader Editor Dean Miller made an awful decision to write such an editorial in that issue.

Instead of addressing core issues around the loss of a beloved young man and community member and musician, Jarrod Bramson, Miller writes an advertorial complaining about corporate America and panhandling for subscriptions. This shows that he clearly is not concerned with the community of Port Townsend.

Miller is rather greedy himself. Perhaps we will see a follow up article addressing the issues of drug abuse and mental illness. Unless of course, those folks don’t matter because they typically can’t afford subscriptions.

Scott Herning

(Editor’s note: Miller’s column is not the house editorial of the Leader. Henceforth, it will be clearly labelled to avoid confusion.)


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Tom Camfield

You're sort of over-reacting and into apples and oranges here—a bit snide even— Scott. You apparently knew Bramson. I personally, have known a lot of people appearing in obituaries every week, but I no way would have been able to research, evaluate and glorify their lives. With Bramson, about whom I'd never heard although living my life here, no way it ever would have happened in s brief span of days. ss I was involved in overseeing the paper's never-ending production deadline grind, etc. And I've written probably around 3- or 4,000 obituaries for the Leader over my years there (when obits were rarely, if ever, submitted by others). Dean Miller just arrived at the Leader and that was his first editorial. He wrote about things of which he is more knowledgeable than most of his readers. For God's sake, let's at least let the man get hie feet wet as he writes about matters of interest to the entire area community.

Wednesday, April 10