Letter: How have stormwater fees been spent?


The original 1986 Stormwater Plan anticipated a budget of $3,500,000 to accomplish the list of projects and another $130,000 annual maintenance cost. If the average revenue from the monthly stormwater fee over the past 30 years was one half million, that would indicate the city received more than $15,000,000 for the storm drain system since the adoption of the original plan.  

In the current report under advisement by the city council, the consultant report indicates that the value of the present city storm drain system is $4,000,000. The city needs to provide a synopsis of where and how the monies received for the past three decades have been spent.

The new plan should not be adopted until the citizens of Port Townsend receive a detailed accounting of the money collected for that 30-year period.  We should know how our taxes were spent. I encourage anyone that is interested in controlling the spending of our elected officials come to the city council meetings before it is too late.

Michael Anderson

Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor

Port Townsend


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