Letter: Having faith in the youth

Posted 4/3/19

I found Gene Farr's recent letter concerning the evils of Socialism and student brainwashing to be one of the most condescending in recent memory. 

You are certainly entitled to your own …

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Letter: Having faith in the youth


I found Gene Farr's recent letter concerning the evils of Socialism and student brainwashing to be one of the most condescending in recent memory. 

You are certainly entitled to your own opinions. That is not in question.

My opinion is that the number of people who think climate change is a hoax is similar to the number of people who believe the earth is flat or that the Apollo moon landings were faked. To each their own.

I do, however, question your use of the word "Socialism" in such a narrow-minded, negative way. Until Fox News and other far Right-Wing propaganda spinners began using this as a general fear-mongering tactic, "Socialism" was not an issue. I would personally be more concerned with the term "Fascism,” which is where our present administration seems to be heading.

Lastly, today's youth have every right to make their voices heard on important social issues. Nobody is brainwashing them for political gain. 

They just happen to be more aware of their environment and have more to lose.

Relatively speaking, you are not going to be on this planet much longer.

Leave it to the brainwashed Socialist youth to take care of it. I have the utmost faith in their abilities.

David Conklin
Port Townsend


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Tom Camfield

Amen to that, David. Seems like forever to me that Republicans pounded away with whatever disparaging methods available trying ti make "liberal" a dirty word. The public finally got wise to that and Donald has detoured attention to his never-ending chant of "fake news." From there the Republican propaganda machine is moving its broad and ill-conceived brush to "socialism" for the 2020 election campaign. Socialism and capitalism are not mutually exclusive; there are degrees of each.

I think the pendulum has swung to a dangerous capitalistie extremity under Donald Trump, a point that already is destroying our environment. Much of today's youth seems to agree with me. I"m 90 but still concerned with the future. The present Trump administration also has mounted an assault on public education in various ways.

One major key to tomorrow, then, obviously is education and maintaining the unimpeded flow of information to students at all levels. Science, for instance, must not be deleted from the curriculum. Nor political science, for that matter. Nor political history.

I was fortunate enough to have a college course specifically on propaganda during my own youth . It was about 66 years ago at UC Berkeley, one of the nation's prestigious and forward-moving universities—and one against which Donald Trump has threatened federal economic sanctions. He is frustrated by not being able to micro-manage Free Speech on campus there. (Donald also has a special hatred in his heart for California—and its sister blue states Oregon and Washington.)

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Justin Hale

Ah yes UCB that bastion of free speech ala Mario Savio c. 1964, c.2017 the students ban Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking.

And just what is this "special hatered" you claim President Trump has "in his heart" for Oregon and Washington"

More BS from the partisan Democrat Trump-O-Phobe.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Tom Camfield

More applicable to the topic at hand is one of the lead stories in this issue of the Leader that begins: "The Port Townsend High School Knowledge Bowl team for 2019 won the 1A Knowledge Bowl State Championship March 23 at West Valley High School in Yakima."

Sort of indicates that my old school here is turning out young adults who know wha't's going on in the world.

Friday, April 5, 2019