Letter: Government shouldn’t label itself ‘sanctuary city’


Port Townsend a sanctuary city? How did this happen, and when?

This decision should have been up to all citizens and voters in Jefferson County to have on a ballot to approve. It’s not up to the city or government to say it is.

Seattle, another sanctuary city, is now a destination for illegals, homeless, criminals, drug dealers and users, gangs and others who are running away from their problems.


Port Townsend


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Tom Camfield

Hi, Pat.

I don't think everyone shares your opinion of Seattle. The homeless, criminals, drug dealers and gang members in its midst have not been equated with illegal aliens. They'e more home-grown, anarchists from Oregon, vagabonds from Cleveland, Baltimore or Orange County, California, etc. Seatle's outpaced its infrastructure as a side-effect of successful capitalism. Basically it remains a typical big city with the usual warts--but still far superior to many other cities. "Sanctuary" has never been to accommodate fleeing criminals. It's for refugees from persecution. Those who don't like the designation of "sanctuary city" always can resort to voting in local elections, and voting to expel the officials we all have elected to represent us. Same system that will apply during the 2020 presidential election. I prefer sanctuary over racial bigotry myself.

When I see a mother speaking Spanish to her kid in the grocery store, I'm not inclined to ask to see her green card or tell her to learn English. I'm more apt to admire the cute, well-behaved child—who might someday wind up marrying my great granddaughter from Korea.

Friday, February 22