Letter: Congress should vote no on Trump’s NAFTA 2.0


In a few weeks, Congress will be voting, by a simple up or down vote, on Donald Trump’s U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or NAFTA 2.0. Despite some concessions to critics of the original NAFTA, the new proposal still puts corporate interests before people, a sustainable environment and the democratic process.

NAFTA 2.0 lacks binding environmental standards, allowing corporations to evade more rigorous environmental laws in the United States by moving jobs and pollution to Mexico, which has weaker environmental policies.

It could prevent stronger federal regulation of chemicals that endanger people and the environment, and overrule effective regulations passed by states.

NAFTA 2.0 fails to even mention climate change or include any provisions for reducing carbon emissions. Instead it allows corporations to dodge the hard-fought clean energy policies of U.S. states by moving to Mexico, eliminating jobs and perpetuating climate pollution.

NAFTA 2.0 will phase out the “investor-state dispute settlement” (ISDS) system, currently giving corporations the power to challenge national laws that threaten their profits. While this is good, ISDS is left intact for the oil and gas industry to use in challenging environmental laws and blocking urgently needed climate change actions such as reducing petroleum imports.

It locks in policies to keep our pharmaceutical prices high, and exports these higher prices to Mexico and Canada, too.

NAFTA 2.0 includes “Technical Barriers to Trade” restrictions that challenge labeling food for health and safety, GMO content, organic status and environmental considerations such as dolphin-safe tuna. That gives corporations the right to deny consumers their right to know what’s in their food and how it was produced.

Please contact Sens. Patty Murray Maria Cantwell and Rep. Derek Kilmer. Tell them to vote against Trump’s New NAFTA and demand a trade agreement that puts people before corporate interests.


Port Townsend


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Tom Camfield

It appears you've nailed it, seeing through the facade that Donald Trump is ever trying to pawn off onto the public.

Friday, February 22