Letter: Californians move here for same reasons others do


Mr. Mullen's assumption that Californians have moved here "no doubt drawn by what they see as undervalued housing" is completely off base.

I've lived here over 18 years, and have met dozens of transplanted Californians over the years.  I can assure your readers that not one of these people have said they moved here because of "undervalued housing."

They all fled California for the same reasons we did — unbearable traffic, overcrowding, and serious concerns over crime.

Port Townsend offers all the cultural benefits usually reserved for large cities with none of the detriments of big-city living.

Many of these same transplants held jobs in California that required exhaustive commutes, including long distances augmented by horrific traffic. They did their penance in order to be able to come to a place free of all that.

Commuting distances to work have been part of the American way of life since the development of the automobile.  

Affordable housing is a wonderful goal, but isn't ever going to be the answer for every person who requires it, no matter how good our intentions.

Pat Durbin

Port Townsend


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