Leader cannabis, sex toy articles set a poor example


Every Wednesday morning when I arrive at work I am greeted by the weekly addition of The Leader. This morning was very disheartening to say the least. The paper promoted the use of marijuana and celebrated the fictitious holiday 4/20.

Further into the paper I found an article on glass sex toys. I continued to search for any coverage of high school sports or other great activities involving our students.

Finally, a small paragraph regarding soccer tucked away on page 18.

Additionally, the front page of the arts & entertainment section was tasteless, unless your goal is to become a circus sideshow.

I found very little redeeming qualities in the paper. It was also very disappointing to find an ad for the 4/20 extravaganza upcoming in Chimacum. I think it is time for the staff members of The Leader to take a deep look at the moral and ethical standards each of you have as community members and individuals. Our community, especially the youth, deserve better.



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Justin Hale


Adding the "Educator" only made your whining more pathetic.

Wednesday, April 24
Tom Camfield

Are you the soccer coach by any chance? The Leader has been heavy on student sports as a regular thing month, after month after month. We're drifting now into the off-season of major sports

In any case, the newspaper's job is to report reality, not to impose biased morality via the news columns.

If the editors choose to rail against the the state's legal marijuana law, for instance, they would be expected to do so via the editorial pages, which meanwhile give the rest of us free speech via letters such as yours.

Thursday, April 25