Jodi Wilke


State Rep. Position 1 District 24

Full Name: Jodi Wilke

Age: 58

Town in which you live: Port Townsend

Family: Single with two grown sons

Hobbies: Fitness, music and politics

Why is it important for you to run for office?

"As a community member I have a deep connection to my friends and neighbors, whose children attend school here and who have businesses and families here. Through my experience at the party level, I find a mismatch between what the people want and what our current establishment is pursuing. The best illustration is last year's Prop 1 campaign. About 68 percent, of Jefferson County voters rejected the proposal, yet within it many problems were identified, which needed to be addressed. Instead of addressing them, our officials thought it better to add a new tax. Our legislature should reflect the values and concerns of people who live and work in our district. I was inspired by Commissioner David Sullivan who claimed they could do nothing because they were limited by State Laws. I am running to represent the citizens who live here, and reverse policies preventing us from solving these problems."

What makes you stand out as a candidate?

"I am not a typical politician. I am a single mom and raised my two boys within the constraints of a tight budget and an even tighter schedule. Yet, during this time, I was able to accomplish many things. I was awarded for helping with a warranty/change management program at a national boat manufacturer. I am a journeyman construction laborer and even owned my own contracting company for a number of years I was also employed for many years in the mortgage and real estate investment industry. At age 50, following the mortgage crisis, I returned to college to become a Nurse. This varied background makes me fluent in many areas and I can converse and understand the issues our citizens struggle with. My opponent has a limited range of experience in comparison. As I say, I am a single mom with a stethoscope, and I hear you."

What are the three biggest issues you would like to address if elected?

"Managed growth opportunities, especially relating to infrastructure, property rights, and land use.

"School safety and establishing funding for protecting our kids. My opponent voted this funding down and I would like to reverse that decision.

"Push back on efforts to produce revenue through increased taxes. Many new taxes are being presented as solutions for the problems we have. Like the Prop 1 tax, I believe we should first address these concerns through policy changes rather than making a demand to the citizens for more cash."

What is one thing you want the voters to know about you?

"I am a regular person. I hear your concerns. I am listening and learning from the people I serve. I am not beholden to special interests, I am not part of the group who represent the I-5 corridor. This group makes up 59 percent of our legislative body. Our rural interests cannot possibly be met by a majority caucus who do not live here, whose values are not represented here and whose children do not struggle for a life here. I am free from this constraint and am here for the people of our district. I will fight for your values, your rights, and your homes and businesses. I will fight for the heart, health, and hope of our district."


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