James Edward Therou

1/26/1943 - 4/19/2024


James Edward Therou, 80, of Port Townsend, Washington, passed away on the evening of April 19th, in the company of his family and under the care of Jefferson County Home and Hospice. He had as peaceful a transition from the corporeal realm to the cosmic as anyone could hope for, surrounded by love and music, watching the sun set over the seascape that he treasured.

Jim was born to parents Edward and Frances Therou, on January 26, 1943, in Calgary, Alberta. He married Linda Wittwer at the age of 20 (she was 19) and together they moved to the Pacific Northwest, on the American side of the border, to build a life and a family together. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Washington, and later received a Masters of Education from Eastern Washington University. For most of his professional career he owned and operated a private business dedicated to addiction recovery.

Jim was a very kind man, as well as a good man. He was generous in his charitable giving, with the time he spent volunteering, and with the love he gave freely to those he held close. He had an infectious laugh and an honest soul. He was also an intrepid world traveller, especially in recent years. He believed that every new experience was an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, a new angle, and thus to appreciate the gift of life more deeply. And this philosophical approach applied not just to travel, but to the opportunities of life more broadly. He was game for any dare or challenge that crossed his path, and would enthusiastically converse with more or less anyone about more or less anything, from golf swing techniques to the proper preparation of a lemon drop cocktail. As a result of this conversational dexterity, he acquired new friends at an astonishing rate, in every corner of the globe he explored, and pretty much every time he left the house.

He was preceded in death by his parents as well as by his sisters Sheila and Joyce and brother Sheldon. He will be loved and missed and remembered fondly and for a great long while by those he left behind: Linda, his steadfast companion and fellow traveller for the great majority of his years, sister Carol, son Tyson and partner Cara, daughter Trista and partner Chris, grandson Alex, granddaughter Anika, beloved canine companion Oliver, as well as a host of cousins and nephews and nieces, golf buddies, neighbors, professional peers and countless others who were lucky enough to spend a bit of time in his company.

Jim’s wish was to have his ashes scattered across the waves that brought him a deep sense of peaceful connection. His friends and family will fulfill this request as they celebrate his life together later this summer.