Honeymoon is over, again

Posted 7/3/19

Last week I wrote a letter to the editor regarding my disappointment and frustration with inaccuracies and various other blunders published in The Leader under its new management. My letter was …

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Honeymoon is over, again


Last week I wrote a letter to the editor regarding my disappointment and frustration with inaccuracies and various other blunders published in The Leader under its new management. My letter was printed with the header “The honeymoon is over,” but was ascribed to Thomas Engel. Another letter (perhaps submitted by Thomas Engel?) titled “Cut your emissions,” was ascribed to me, Leslie Aickin.

It would be funny if it weren’t so pitiful.

Leslie Aickin
Port Townsend


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Dawn mohrbacher

It's the Missleader. What else do you expect.

Wednesday, July 3
Tom Camfield

Let me guess: your kids always bring home (or did in the past) straight-A report cards and the one playing basketball never missed a free throw.

I don't find an honest mistake now and then, made in good faith, worth any great uproar—when we are continuously being misled by intentionally false information on matters of far-greater import spewed from the mouth of the president of our country. And never has he apologized.

Let's keep things in perspective.

Thursday, July 4
Marge Samuelson

So, the Leader shouldn't strive to be correct on it's reporting? There have been many errors, believe me I index the Leader every week for the Jefferson County Genealogical Society Press Index. These are not typo's, these are sloppy reporting errors that could be corrected if they had a decent editor. Knowledge of the county you are reporting on would help a great deal.

Friday, July 5
Tom Camfield

Hi, Marge. I'm in periodic contact with staff and believe you me, the paper does strive for excellence—and I think it's doing well in that regard. Periodically, the paper also takes on college students as short-term interns—as part of their eduction to insure excellence in journalism in the future. No way do I expect these interns (or, for that matter, occasional new full-time staff taken on) to have any of the great store of information on the city and its past that I have accumulated over a lifetime. Their intentions are pure as they labor long hours.

Times have changed fantastically since the days that the publisher and I, the entire editorial staff and both home-towners, sat next to each other and hung our stories on the same copy hook. With the size of the paper these days, it would be impossible for an editor to read every word of every item cranked out close to deadline on press day. Putting the Leader on the street takes a real team. If you're looking for misinformation, where it really thrives is on the street. It seems every citizen who comes here from elsewhere brings along a personal bundle of assumptions and misconceptions. This misinformation, minus the innocent benevolence of a news writer, periodically shows up in such places as letters to the editor.

Personally, I can recall at least two instances over the years when I was totally conned by the person i was interviewing and wound up publishing news stories that were totally false—back when i was young, trusting and naive. One was a guy who credited himself with saving a human life, when the true hero actually was someone else.

So if in the heat of battle, I see s minor human error such as referring to Uptown as Morgan Hill (or maybe referring to my daughter as Janet rather than Janice), I shrug it off and concentrate my ire toward the likes of a Donald Trump who offhandedly insults the integrity of a Free Press while he continually bellows out for the record lies about how he is improving everyone's lives. I don't sweat the small stuff.

lf I mentioned I grew up in Happy Valley, close to Dundee Hill and that my early neighbors were Ah Tom and "Casty," I doubt most relative newcomers wouod have any idea what I was talking about.

Friday, July 5
Deborah Kate Hammond

Oh my word, Leslie! How frustrating!

Monday, July 8